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Social Media and restaurants are the perfect marketing fit and best of all it’s free marketing

Traditional marketing simply doesn’t provide an effective ROI – your customers aren’t buying into newspaper adverts or the fact that your menu has been dropped with 10 others on the doorstep – they’re buying into recommendations from friends either face 2 face or online via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok

With social media you can amplify the traditional word of mouth marketing from a handful out to hundreds and thousands of potential local customers

Would you to like to …

  • Have More repeat bookings
  • Get Positive word or mouth reviews amplified online
  • Fill last minute covers
  • Improve your customer service
  • Be able to implement special offers as and when you want
  • Implement strategies for quieter periods
  • Reduce your advertising expenditure

In short would you like to be known as the ONE go to restaurant in your town!!!

Altrincham HQ have worked with restaurants in Altrincham, Manchester and Cheshire from street food to fine dining restaurant

What social media marketing services for restaurants do you offer?

Social Media Management for Restaurants – Fully Managed Services for your Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

As a restaurateur you should be too busy to handle your own social media marketing.

If you have 4 hours spare a week to manage your own social media then it means you’re not busy enough in the restaurant

Don’t worry we can do it for you and this includes regular contact on a fully integrated social media strategy that links with your offline marketing

We don’t just social media posts – we deliver a real Social media marketing strategy

Social Media Training for Restaurants – Instagram / Facebook / Tik Tok / Blogging

For those that want to handle their own social media activity inhouse we provide a comprehensive social media training for restaurants session which covers Instagram / Facebook / TikTok / Twitter / Blogging

We work at your speed across half day / full days sessions and tailor our training sessions as basic or as indepth as you want

Scenario 1

You run a family friendly restaurant that has been running for over 20 years.

You have a loyal supportive customer base that have been visiting you for years, but you’re struggling to attract new residents in the town,. All the focus is on the foodhall and that’s 15 minutes walk from where you’re based.

You realise that social media doesn’t have the problem of location so you employ a social media manager to bring the brand to life – you go with the core values of treating customers like family, having fun and taking the mick out of yourself.

Because of this you start to 1 by 1 win over new customers who have moved into the area in recent years, but until they saw you on social media didn’t actually know that you exist.

You’ve future proofed your business as you know that once people walk through the doors they will come back time and time again.

Social Media has just extended another 20 years for the business and that’s why you keep it up.

Scenario 2

Social Media has been great for your business.

You feel that in terms of Facebook and Instagram you have it nailed.

The one platform you really struggle with is Twitter.

Even though Twitter will never get as many likes or comments as Facebook and Instagram you understand it has it’s place so you employ a social media manager to repurpose your posts on Twitter and spend time engaging with other local businesses and the local Business Improvement District.

What you find is because you’re active on the platform that the BID chooses to promote the town you’re getting a lot more publicity from your BID levy fee.

You also notice that more local business owners are coming into the restaurant for lunch which means you’re filling up tables at your quietest periods.

You still don’t like Twitter, but as you’re outsourcing and it’s making money it’s job well done.

Scenario 3

Recently you had a number of negative reviews on TripAdvisor and Google.

The last 10 reviews in fact have all been negative reviews from one drunken party you had to throw out of the restaurant for being rude to your staff.

It wakens you up to the power of public perception and reviews.

As a business you’ve never been that active on social media and can probably count on 1 hand how often you’ve posted in the last 12 months.
You know that your business offers quality food and great customer service so you employ a social media manage to build a community on social media with the end goal of encouraging local customers to leave positive reviews.

Within 4 weeks the negative reviews are dead and buried and not only that, but the positive reviews and social media presence now mean that new customers are visiting for the very first time.


“Had a social media training session with Alex. Highly recommend to anyone who needs to improve their skills. It was focused and fun. Alex made it easy to understand and I can’t wait to try out some of my new found skills.” Off The Wheaten Track

““All the local people who have been very supportive. Without their support I have no business to stand on, so thank you for your loyal support and I hope we can carry on being the best.

Social Media has allowed us to keep in touch with our regular customers inbetween visits and also reach out to a new audience who were aware of us, but had never considered coming in until they read the reviews and feedback” Essence, Altrincham


“With Alex’s help Social Media has really helped shape our business. I didn’t even have a Twitter or Facebook account before I met Alex, and was very sceptical about what it could actually do for us. In the end we decided to just go for it, and with Alex’s help and support we haven’t looked back since. It has helped us in many ways I would never have imagined possible, such as catching the attention of and getting us reviewed by renowned food bloggers and mentioned in local and national newspapers. Also the one I definitely never saw coming was TripAdvisor. When somebody says something nice about us on Twitter we always ask them to leave a review. Sometimes they do, and I’m sure that has helped us retain our consistently high ranking” Simon Badrock, Pita Box

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