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LinkedIn Recommendation
Writing a great LinkedIn recommendation is an art form

It isn’t something that should be written as a throwaway comment to tick it off the to do list

Businesses live and die by their recommendations and what isn’t often thought about is that a recommendation says as much about the person leaving it as it about the person receiving it

A LinkedIn recommendation can be rushed, short, lacking detail and a narrative


A LinkedIn recommendation can be well structured, in-depth, detailed and passionate

Always aim for the latter – it will help you and the person you’re recommending so much more

A LinkedIn Recommendation is all about your personal experience

Tell that experience with a strong narrative

There is a difference between a review / recommendation and a rating and that’s where you story comes in

Saying someone is or good or great or amazing or excellent is a rating

You need to explain why and elaborate

Tell that story – the beginning, the middle, the end

Pixar Films, the company behind the likes of Toy Story, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo have the same format for every film – “Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.”

Think of Pixar when you write your LinkedIn Recommendations

Problem Solutions

The beginning sets the scene for the whole recommendation

It explains the problem or scenario that you had that led to you seeking out the person you’re recommending

People often feel uncomfortable with exposing themselves at this stage. They can feel it’s admission that they don’t know everything

Being real is attractive – admitting you look for the expertise is attractive and shows you value learning

Here’s an example of a beginning LinkedIn Recommendation narrative that Thornley Groves left us

“I went to Alex’s Social Media Training Workshop because I have recently been given responsibility of the Social Media pages for Thornley Groves.

I have been fiddling around with the portals for a few months now and so I felt that some extra training was beneficial in order to make the sites been more productive in a business capacity”

Notice how it set’s the tone – it explains clearly the WHY they chose to attend the workshop

This is where you really get to explain how the person helped you with your problem

Remember this isn’t a rating. This has to explain the WHY the person was good or great or amazing or excellent. Not just say they are

How did they approach the problems? What did the person do that was different? How do they compare to previous service providers in the same industry? What really stood out to you about the experience?

Think about how you would describe a restaurant if a friend asked you about it – you would describe what meal you had; you would compare it to other similar restaurants; you would describe the service; you might even mention the value / price

Your middle part of your LinkedIn recommendation needs to be as passionate as that

Here’s an example of a middle LinkedIn Recommendation that Burton Copeland left us

“Not only does he show you how it works, tips, advice, ideas and how much time you should devote, he also explains what not to waste time on. He also has evidence to support his advice, as a lawyer the most important thing!”

Notice how this middle section explains what was important to them – time spent on social media and also evidence is important to their industry

100 Percent Success
So you had a problem and they helped

What were the outcomes of it? What were the results? How is your business improved as a result of the service provider?

In essays at University you called this the conclusion or the summing up

Here’s an example of the end of a LinkedIn Recommendation by Alice Chingwaru at “The Science of Healthy Living”

“I was so fired up at the end of the day I sent out more tweets on the train journey back to London from Manchester; than I had since signing up for the account!

If you want to improve your social media marketing strategies, you could do worse than contact Altrincham HQ. Alex McCann is truly an expert who’ll show you how to increase your bottom line”

This explains the action taken after a Social Media Training session – these are the results

Here are a few examples of great LinkedIn recommendations we’ve received

All of them tell a story with a beginning, middle and end
“I knew the importance of social media but knew I wasn’t making the most of it and struggled to fit regular and genuine updates that would be noticed above others. Alex provided hands on training which related directly to me. His training and advice have helped me to utilise social media much more and I am now seeing a lot more interaction based on his guidance. I would highly recommend Alex” Holly Krupinski – Direct Marketing Executive at Home Retail Group Financial Services

“Alex came into our offices to provide Social Media training to two of us with absolutely no idea! He was very personable and most importantly extremely informative and pitched it at just the right level. What has been really helpful is that since the training he has been very quick to answer any queries we have had. He has also monitored our tweets and provided some necessary input as we move forward. All in all I would definitely recommend Alex” Sally Gordon – Owner, Medical Record Collation Ltd

“I approached Alex after taking on a marketing apprentice so that he could learn the conventions of social media and digital marketing as soon as possible.

I was blown away with what my apprentice learnt in only a few hours. Alex provided an clear and understandable approach to social media that made it easy for us to utilize the knowledge he had given to us.

I would recommend Alex and his team to anyone, very impressive! ” Ansar Mahmood FCA – Director at Progressive Living Developments


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