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C-C-C-Changes sang David Bowie back in the day and rare a day goes by that something doesn’t change on Social Media

As 2014 draws to an end we look at the important changes on Social Media and why they rock

Twitter Analytics

Facebook has long has Facebook Insights and allowed you to track the reach of individual posts

2014 was the year that twitter did the same and matured in the Social ROI model (albeit trying to push advertising at the same time)

At Altrincham HQ we’ve long talked about measuring your social media and using tools such as Google Analytics and simple excel spreadsheets to track sales from each marketing channel – so to be able to add a new level of analytics to twitter was a step in the right direction

Twitter Analytics were able to track the number of impressions tweets make (i.e how many times tweets landed on screens), engagement level, Link Clicks, Retweets, Favourites and Replies

You could spend hours every day analysing every single tweet – but to take an overview and benchmark was key for success in 2014

Look at your Twitter Analytics today


I wrote a lengthy article on LinkedIn itself about “The Number 1 Way To Get Noticed On LinkedIn” and the answer was LinkedIn Articles

2014 was the year that LinkedIn opened up their publisher options to all users and it adds so much value to the LinkedIn Experience

Sure there are those who abuse the LinkedIn Articles feature to simply post News Articles or low quality sales content – but trying to game the system will not work in the long run and poor etiquette will switch people off the pushy salesman

The key with LinkedIn articles is step up, do more than the average and add value to the readers

Read our full article on LinkedIn articles here

Facebook- LIKE PHOTO

Facebook has inspired a lot of articles in 2014 – mainly about organic vs paid reach and whether Facebook is worth continuing with in 2015

Short answer – it is – reach for ourselves and the majority of our clients has actually doubled by making simple small changes~

One Facebook change that really stood out for us in 2014 was the Facebook Page Attribution Settings – and inn terms of Facebook Page Interaction and time management this was a big game changer

Previously if it was on brand for a page to respond to another page update you saw in your personal timeline you had to open up another tab > click the “use facebook as XYZ” > go to the said page and comment > change settings back to “use facebook as yourself” ……. in short it was a pain in the ass

Now in 2014 you can interact with any pages simply with one click selection from desktop

Interaction for pages has increased which means greater visibility and increased number of likes for many pages


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