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Think about this for a second – which types of businesses would you say are the most talkative?

Chances are Taxi Drivers and Hairdressers come up in most people’s lists

These are the sort of people who have an opinion on an event, before an events even happened.

They literally are THAT talkative and engaging that even somebody who does social media for a living would feel guilty tweeting while they were talking

Hair Salon

But I wonder why are a huge amount of businesses in these sectors so poor at Social Media engagement?

The problem is they see Social Media as an extension of traditional advertising – the business card, the flyer, the newspaper advert, the yellow pages – rather than what it actually is – a great communication tool that leads to real business via word of mouth referalls

Social Media isn’t something they ever dreamt they’d sign up for as it’s not their core business, but Taxi Drivers and Hairdressers need to get in touch with their innerselves and bring out that talkative beast inside … rather than simply copy & pasting their adverts on to Social Media platforms

  • The captive audience is king – respectively in the back of a black cab or staring straight ahead at the mirror in the Salon the effect of simply publicising their twitter handles in prime spots would be subliminal. Customers would walk away and carry on the conversation after the event.
  • Down time could be used to respond to customer enquiries and develop relationships so you’re 1st in mind ever single time
  • The possibilities are limitless

Altrincham HQ would love to work with Taxi Drivers, Hairdressers and business who love to talk offline, but struggle talking on Twitter and Facebook

We want to develop their Social Media strategy and offer training to help you get more out of it

Call us on 07806 774279 or email

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