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David Bellin The Web Studio
The Web Studio – Altrincham – A Social Media  Case Study of what to do if you’re too busy to run your own Social Media?

Like many business owners David Bellin of The Web Studio is so so busy that Social Media is often something that is found at the bottom of the To Do list

Firstly there is the main business – The Web Studio which has the simple and effective tagline of “We Make Websites That Work”.

Because of that slogan and local reputation that’s exactly what he spends the vast majority of his time doing just that – making websites that work!

On top of that David also runs a bi-weekly networking group Bowdon Business Group for local businesses, is an active member of the local hockey club …. and oh and has a family so makes the time in evenings and weekends for his wife and 2 sons

The scenario above is probably something you can all relate to – How do I fit a 36hr day into the 24 hours I have and still fit in a few hours sleep?

Often things have to give and often it’s essential marketing like Social Media that sadly gives way

David is frankly honest about his lack of consistency with Social Media prior to seeking outside help

“I set it up and managed it myself as best I could with busy work / home life for 2 years with little or no return. To be honest I failed to see the benefit – I was starting to think was it really worth the time if I couldn’t fully commit and put in the hours I knew I needed to. Being a web designer I knew the importance of Social Media in terms of marketing your website, but I failed to achieve results myself”

Being involved with online marketing from websites to SEO to online video, David knew that Social Media was important so asked how Altrincham HQ could help The Web Studio deliver a consistent message, while still remaining personal

The results of outsourcing Social Media spoke for themselves

“Within 3 months of working with Alex we had two new clients and since that initial period we have been working with another couple of more businesses. To date the work Alex has done has raised about 4K of income and attracted many more followers and raised our profile. We’re really looking forward to seeing more work come in over the next few months as the campaign progresses”

With a Return On Investment of over 5 times the marketing spend, David has found outsourcing elements of his Social Media has proved 100% successful, while he is still able to look at an overview and dip in and engage himself where necessary


If you would like to speak about Social Media Management Services from Altrincham HQ call Alex on 07806774279 or email

If you would like to speak with David about websites that work look at

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