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When I tell people that I’ve published 500 blogs their jaws drop


They look at me with a look of embarrassment as they tell me it’s something, they know they should be doing, but never get around to

Around 15 months ago I published the blog “What I’ve Learnt After Writing 400 Blogs“. I’d recommend reading that blog in addition to what’s below as there are another 5 lessons you can takeaway from that

Whether you are yet to blog or are a dozen blogs in, there are lessons you can all take from this

Below you will find out
What is the 1 question that inspires a blog?
What is the main benefit of blogging?
How much time should it take to write a blog?
How important is blogging for business?
Should you blog about something that isn’t business?

1. What is the 1 question that inspires a blog?
How do you come up with ideas for 500 blogs?

Well I used to be a journalist so I tend be an inquisitive fella. To be honest if I wasn’t doing all the training we do then I could probably publish a blog a day

I take a lot of inspiration though from our social media training sessions and I wonder without them if I’d actually be as prolific as I am

So what is the one question that inspires my blogs (and for that matter a lot of my social media content)

“What is the one takeaway from today?” – that is the million dollar question

At the end of the day I reflect on what has happened during the day. Be it training, something I’ve seen on social media or something someone has said at a networking meeting

Inspiration is all around us for short or long form content

Some of the answers inspire short form content such 100 word social media posts

Some of the ideas are the backbone of what inspires long form content such as 1000-2000 word blog posts

2. What is the main benefit of blogging?
The very act of blogging itself draws people into your world

When you’ve published 500 blogs offering valuable insights it increases your social media followers, inspires emails, phonecalls and wins you clients

People are drawn towards you as a true expert in your field

You are the 1st person in people’s mind at the go to specialist in your industry

If you’re not sure how powerful blogging can be replace the word with something you do often. Just read through the following statements and think how powerful they have been for you

“I’ve worked out intensely 500 times and the results were ….”

“I attended 500 networking meetings and the results were ….”

“I spoke at 500 events and the results were ….”

“I read 500 books and the results were ….”

Doing something consistently powerfully draws people into your world

3. How much time should it take to write a blog?
500 blogs sounds a lot, doesn’t it?

You might be thinking “It’s impossible and I’d never ever be able to write 500 blogs”

If I told you that was over 10 years it might sound more manageable right?

500 blog’s works out at an average of 1 per week, which is still more than most people do

The average time taken to write a blog is around 4 hours – that’s writing, sourcing images, editing, formatting, spell checking and so on

In all honesty I spend around a 3rd of the time on our average blog and it goes on to perform extremely well

4. How important is blogging for business?
I talked on the “What I’ve Learnt After Writing 400 Blogs” post about how perfection holds a lot of “could be” bloggers back

I want to loop back on that today

Blogging for your business is vital and extremely important, but it won’t be the most important piece of writing you ever do

You’ve possibly done the most important writing in your life already

A best mans speech
A eulogy to a parent
Thank you letters after your wedding
A love letter

Those are all more important that your business blog and you still managed to do those

You’re an expert in your field – what is really stopping you from showing off your expertise and helping people?

Have a little faith in yourself

5. Should you blog about something that isn’t business?
When you get to a few hundred blogs, and way before 500 business blogs you’ll want to write about something that isn’t business

The itch gets you and you start scratching it. Before long you’ve started passionately writing about food, music, running or your hobby

I love these creative outlets and the idea of writing for fun. -Without knowing it these “hobby” blogs will help you become a better writer. You’ll find your authentic voice and the words will flow off the page easier

Look back to our early blogs – numbers 1-100 – and compare them to now. The words have become more conversational in later years and flow like a face to face casual chat with you. A blog should flow like a conversation

And now it’s your turn

Write blog number 1

Write blog number 4

Write blog number 52

Aim for the stars

Aim for the 500

You have everything to gain and nothing lose

Any questions – my email is open

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