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Twitter Hits 500 Million Users

By February 23, 2012June 23rd, 2022No Comments

Twitter stats bore the hell out of me sometimes – but even I was blown away with the fact that 500 Million users are now on twitter!!!

Even more so that Facebook has 845 Million Users

The cynicism on stats isn’t about the figures themselves, they’re mighty impressive and show how powerful a medium it can be, but more the use of such stats

A friend who works in a rather large company in Altrincham received a spam email at the back end of last year from one of the many franchised Social Media operators quoting figures of I made £2 million pounds on twitter last year and hinting that so can you. It was the sort of message that you used to see in the Windows of Newsagents shouting out” Give Up Your day Job and Work from Home – you can earn £10,000 a month for 4 hours week!!!”

When I deliver twitter training, businesses don’t want to know the huge stats, they want to know how twitter can help them in real terms.

Yes – It can earn you money

Yes – It can build better relationships with your existing customers

Yes – It can win you new customers

Yes – It can get customers to spread the word for you for free and reduce advertising costs

So for an SME what are the sort of figures we’re looking at to help achieve that?

Here at Altrincham HQ we have our own account with nearly 2000 target and real followers and manage a number of businesses social media accounts. The majority of the clients we look after don’t do any traditional advertising and utilise social media effectively, on the B2B businesses they also throw in networking events into the equation

Personally we’ve had retweets which have gone out to a potential audience of over 25,000 people – but on average for our clients on they get Retweeted to about 5000-6000 twitter users on daily basis

So a potential audience of 5000-6000 every day for free? And yes before anybody says – not everybody will see that. In traditional media terms of paid newspaper advertisements you actually pay based on readership of a newspaper, but the reader still has to turn to that specific page and look at that specific advert to see it

If you want to talk in real terms about Social Media Training or Management for your business and how Altrincham HQ can help you – contact us here

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