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A busting Altrincham market for A Taste Of Trafford

Altrincham HQ work with a lot of PR and Marketing companies, but this was one of the most rewarding examples of our twitter success stories

Melissa came to us for social media training after coming back to the work place as a young mother and we shared lots of similar ideas about how town centre’s need to market themselves effectively

Here’s what Melissa had to say about her twitter journey

“I’d taken nearly five years out of my career as a marketing manager for a portfolio of shopping centres to raise my daughter. During this time, I started to realise that I’d fallen behind on the rise of social media: everyone seemed to know about it except for me. So, as my daughter started to go to school I mapped out my next career path into the world of freelance public relations and marketing and started to search for someone who could train me on social media.

I had been present on Twitter, but not active – but active enough to work out who was giving the best, no-nonsense advice on social media training: Alex @altrinchamhq. After four hours of really focused social media training, I was already gaining many followers and people were retweeting my opinions on my key issues-at-heart such as town centre management problems and good/bad retail. I also had a greater grasp of its power in mass media communication.

Within two weeks, my former colleagues were tweeting me ‘welcoming messages’ on my return back into the ‘industry’. This was a huge surprise to me. Not only had I thought I’d been forgotten, but my colleagues were using social media conversations with me as if I was never away.

The power of social media had yet to surprise me even more, when on the same day, through social media I received two very attractive job offers from two big-industry marketing agencies who were scouting for a regional presence for their retail portfolios. My only difficulty was deciding which one.

On the outset, when meeting Alex and explaining my training needs, I had set the objective to simply enhance my understanding of social media and sharpen my skills – little did I realise that it would become a very potent business tool in attracting work. Alex still remains a great mentor and thankfully he’s around as and when I need some more training.”

PR and Social Media are 2 great ways to market your business and dig deep into the story of your business

Follow @melissapaxtonpr for all you PR needs and get involved in conversations about your local town centre

Do you own a retail business that is struggling to market itself on a minimal budget? Sit down for a chat with Altrincham HQ about an effective social media strategy that wins you business

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