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My journey into Live Video started nearly a decade ago when Live Video wasn’t even a thing

Let me explain People who are great at live video are simply great presenters and great orators and my journey to live video started way back in 2010 when I was asked to speak in public for the 1st time

I was nervous, I was scared and I felt insecure in the company of other people who were public speaking veterans

It took about 2 years of public speaking to feel comfortable in real life and 7 years of honing my skills as a presenter to appear absolutely natural in front of a camera

By the time the very 1st live streaming channels, Periscope and Meerkat, came out it felt natural to jump on live video and I broadcast regularly on those platforms

Now after nearly 2 months of broadcasting daily on Instagram Live I thought i’d share my Top Tips For Live Video On Social Media

1. Preparation Is Key

Even though it’s live you need a structure for your live video

The majority of my live videos for businesses are talking to camera pieces giving tips and advice with interaction from the audience

Before each live broadcast I spend 3 minutes writing 3-5 bullet points on a piece of paper highlighting what I need to talk about

I’m an expert in my subject of social media so my prep is around the structure of the broadcast rather than word by word script of what I’m saying

The moment I go live, I riff freestyle around the structure I’ve set – I allow my knowledge to flow out and I react to the feedback the audience give me

I simply place the bullet points just behind or just below the smart phone to remind me of what is coming next in the show – imagine it like your own personal autocue or director

2. The intro is vital

One thing that happens when you go live is people won’t jump in straight away

Facebook is a lot quicker than Instagram to gain live viewers due to the nuances of the platform

So your intro serves 2 purposes

1. To let people know what they can expect from the live broadcast


2. To warm people up for the main event whilst the bulk of the audience is still joining the show

You also have to be mindful a large number of viewers will be watching on the replay

If I could give one piece of advice for live video intros – don’t ramble on for 5-10 minutes saying hello to every single person who has joined you live

Keep the intro to 1 minute max

3. Encourage Interaction

The big difference between Live Video and Pre-recorded video is interaction

On live you should encourage interaction

That might be in the form of questions throughout the broadcast, a question of the day or simply mentioning specific live viewers at pivotal points throughout the broadcast

Take note of those viewers who come back time and time again and also look out for 1st time viewers and try and be inclusive so everyone feels welcome

Live video is about relationship building. It’s all about that relationship between the presenter and the audience. Always find a way of bringing it back to the audience and making them feel loved

4. Keep It Short

Social Media distracts people

Unless you have a tribe that are already connected to you and will commit to watching a live video for a long period of time keep the live broadcasts relatively short

5-10 minutes maximum

There are variables to that where live can be longer
– Live Interviews
– Phone ins
– Live Events 

5. Follow Up
And this is the part that so many forget

The follow up

Engaging with those that have taken precious time out of their day to watch the broadcast

Those that have taken the next step to actually direct message you or email you after a live broadcast

Delivering when you’ve said you’ll send the link to the blog through to your viewers

If you’d like to watch us live – we go live on Instagram each day Follow us on @altrinchamhq or click and follow


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