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At the back end of last week I had a really interesting conversation with a well established business in Manchester

Established for 25 years, the business was very much a hands on building and construction business – the directors of the company worked pretty much 8 til 8 and left admin duties to the office staff

I asked how they currently market their business being so hands on all day

“We spend a fortune on Pay Per Click, which works in driving us to the top of google, but a lot of our work comes via being very visible. We’re based on one of the busiest roads in and out of Manchester and I think subliminally as people are driving past us every day, when they need our services they come to us”

This rang true with what I experience on Social Media as well. Not only is it word of mouth amplified online, but there’s also the subliminal drip drip drip effect of Social Media which means those businesses which deliver the right message time and time again and also engage with us are subliminally in our thoughts

The big difference with Social Media is you don’t have to be on that very visible road that everybody drives by

The subliminal effect of Social Media means that you can connect and impact on your target market just as easily being an accountant hidden away in the top floor of a faceless office block as much as you can a visible high street restaurant or retail outlet

As a consumer please let us know When was the last time you made you made a decision based on Social Media?

As a business let us know when was the last time you heard the phrase “I saw your update on twitter” etc?

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