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“What have been the silver linings of lockdown for you?”

I was asked this question at a recent networking event and it got me thinking

Sure, like everyone, I’d have much rather the last 12 months hadn’t happened. And we’d have continued on as before, but there have been changes I’ve made that will stay after June 21st

I thought I’d detail them and ask that you think about what your silver linings have been for you over the last 12 months

Work wise I haven’t stopped – the governments lack of support for my business meant I couldn’t stop

But generally, I’ve enjoyed living life at a slower pace and not running around 100mph

Because there have been no gigs, no cinema, no pubs, no restaurants, no gym I haven’t been trying to squeeze 48 hours of activities into 24 hours

I like to keep busy and have done since I’ve been 16 years old

The last 12 months have been the only time in my life where I’ve had a lie in more than once a week, not started a day at 7am and finished at midnight

I’ve actually chilled and it’s been nice not to be out 5 nights in a row

I’d like to think the slower pace will stay a little after lockdown, but knowing myself I’ll be back into burning the candle at both ends

I don’t drive, so I walk everywhere

But walking to switch off rather than walking for work / shopping has been an absolute joy

The Timperley or Bowdon lunchtime and weekends walks, just soaking up the fresh air and conversation, have been wonderful

Discovering roads and sights you’ve never seen before on your doorstep

Before lockdown, our group of friends said we’d do one big walk per month to the hills and greenery around us in Cheshire

In many ways I hope we stick to that


In the past 12 months I’ve ran the equivalent of a half marathon every single week

It’s the most I’ve ran and now know my limits since, over doing it on month of lockdown

I feel like I can name and pinpoint any stretch of the Bridgewater canal right now, so I’m itching to get to different places after June 21st. When public transport gets back to normal and I can run out so far I need public transport on the way back

With many official races cancelled it’s actually taught be the joy of running without training for a race or a medal

Just running for the joy of it

One of my absolute joys over the past month or so is discovering foreign language films

It’s part of my plan to curb the amount of time I spend duel screening – i.e scroll through social media rather than actually truly watch TV

I figured that If I want to do this, I need to watch more subtitled shows where i’m forced not to look at my phone

In the process I’ve discovered some great options on Netflix and All 4

Les Misérables (the 2019 film)
The Climb (L’ascension) 2017
Amsterdam Vice
Deutschland 89 (you need to watch series 1 and 2 1st)

If you want a start, follow Walter Presents on Twitter for up to date news on More 4 / All 4 shows


Normally my music playlist looks like
A) What gigs have I got coming up
B) What albums have been released this week

At the start of lockdown, I listened to some old favourites from the Britpop, early 00’s and emo scenes

We all needed that comfort of happier times (yes – even the emo stuff)

At the start of this year, I made a concerted effort to listen to stuff I hadn’t really listened to before, even if it was old

If you’ve never really listened to it, it’s new right

Over the last couple of months I’ve deep binged to Paul McCartney (Solo), Wings, Fleetwood Mac, Elvis Costello, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads and more

Every few months I’m going to have a month of listening to artists I really should have explored more indepth previously


After the pandemic people are going to change the way they work and train

There are cases for being in the same room for training

And there are cases against

Zoom has provided a really powerful tool for training and in many ways, I consider it a better option than face 2 face

I envisage a world where much of our social media training after lockdown will be delivered virtually unless part of a team building training day / week for larger corporates


Reading for fun, rather than reading for a business, has become a massive part of my chill out time

I worry that once I can go out again my reading time will drop a little

But as someone who only ever read non fiction it’s been a joy to delve into some really great stories

And I love that there are lessons and quotes and learnings from the very best fiction books

Stories that tell you about life as much as books for education

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