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We are living in a world where everyone wants to be an athlete and everyone wants to be an entrepreneur

And those that don’t publicly admit that are privately wishing they could be

Not only are fitness and health 2 huge growth areas in business – it’s good business to be fit and healthy

There’s huge parallels between the two areas of business

So let’s take a look at The Parallels Between Fitness, Health and Marketing

1. Everyone knows they need to do it
Everyone knows they need to exercise more and eat better

Every business owner know these need to market their business harder

There are extreme consequences if you do neither

For your health – not exercising and eating badly may take decades to have fatal consequences

For a business – the impact of not marketing means the business will die in a matter of months or a couple of years

So everyone knows they need to do it – but how many are?

2. Minimal Changes Are More Common Than Major Changes
One of the biggest reasons for not starting is the end goals seems too big, too far away

You don’t start a marathon before you’ve done your 1st 5k, 10k, half marathon and so on

When I lost 3 and half stone last year – the biggest changes in my life were simply 10-15 minutes extra on each gym visit and entering data on an app. I only had to majorly change my dietary habits on 2 days a week

In the scheme of things these minimal changes made a huge difference

Marketing is the same. A few small changes can bring absolutely massive results. Your whole business can be transformed by spending 4 hours a week marketing well with strategy and intent. Is that much different than you’re doing now?

You might be spending similar amounts of time, but small changes on your strategy will yield the results

3. Once You Stop The Results Stop
Exercise, fitness and marketing are life long habits

We’ve all done New Year’s Diets, pre-holiday diets, pre-Christmas diets and slipped back into our old ways

Businesses often see marketing as a one off activity – a one off leaflet campaigns, a shot at social media for a month, an offer for one month … and then zero

With Fitness, health and marketing – once you stop the results stop

The pounds creep on, you get tired more easily … or new customers stop coming as often, people stop talking about your business as often

4. It needs to be sustainable
Everything you do in fitness, health and marketing needs to be sustainable

And it needs to fit in with your lifestyle choices

You often hear talk about fad diets not being realistic. Something you can can’t realistically sustain in the long term

Not all marketing is realistic for most businesses. We’re a full time marketing company – you can’t expect a business to spend as much time as we do marketing. Which is why often we’ll talk to businesses about 10 minutes 3 x a day on social media

Something you can commit to for life is much better than burnout or lack of commitment when the expectations are too high

5. There is no one size fits all
You can’t reach your goals, by copying the daily actions of someone with different goals

There is no on size fits all approach to fitness, health or marketing

There may be some crossover – things that are good practice and musts for everyone, but each persons schedule and programme will be different

The process we take with a new client is very similar to the process a Personal Trainer will take with a new client

We speak to them openly about what they want to achieve, what commitment and time they have. And we will be honest about what sort of results they can expect for the commitment they give and what unique things they can do to achieve that

Every single person is different

6. It’s survival of the fittest
The person who eats better, exercises harder and does it for the long term will get the best results

The business who markets themselves better over a long period of time will get better results from the competition

People often want fitness gains without the hard work

People expect to beat the competition by doing less marketing than the average

People want a full time wage whilst working a part time week

Life doesn’t work like that

The only place success come before work is in the dictionary

How are your fitness, health and marketing goals looking now?
Do you just need to start doing it?
Do you think you’re doing enough?
Could you make tiny changes for huge impact?
Is your plan sustainable?
Are you in better shape than the competition?

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