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The Myth Of Word Of Mouth Marketing For Startups
When Word Of Mouth Marketing works – it’s an absolute dream – you literally can’t ask for more than that

Trust Us – we get 40% of our business via referrals from happy clients who want to go and shout about how great we are

But it’s different for Startups with NO customers and NO Awareness – Word Of Mouth Marketing simply can’t work without those 2 in place

The truth is ::: Word of mouth is not a marketing plan if you have no customers and no one knows you exist

Think about it – how is word of mouth going to work when you haven’t marketed to get your 1st customer through the door?

All too often find Established businesses tell startup businesses they get all their work from word of mouth – but they actually forget to talk about the 1st 3 years of marketing

Here are 3 things to think about if you think word of mouth is enough for your new business

Friends And Family Harming Your Business

Friends and family are great for that initial awareness, particularly if you’re running a B2C business such as a restaurant, bar, retail outlet or trades business

But the key phrase is “will only take you so far”

There’s a world of difference between a genuine customer singing your praises from the rooftops vs your mum saying “our James has just set up on his own” or “Check out my best mates new facebook page”

The intent and how it resounds with your potential customers is entirely different depending on who is saying it

And then there is the marketing message your friends and family are conveying – do they truly understand what your offering and positioning is?

A “home interior and gift boutique” can be translated to “nik naks” by a well-meaning but harmful Aunty Jane

A “Social Media Marketing Company” can be translated as “he does something on twitter”

A fellow business owner will be able to convey your message from your passionate conversation about your business

Similarly a customer who’s been marketed to with a crystal clear marketing campaign will be able to do the same

Friends and family will only take you so far, but they can also be taking your business several steps back

Word Of Mouth - The Local Business Collective

Whenever I’m asked what the secret to our Success is I always have the same answer

1. Turning up on Social Media daily
2. Blogging weekly
3. Networking with local businesses

That last point there is instrumental in building your word of mouth army when you start out

When you meet and work with local businesses they become part of your team that can help you grow and support your endeavours

If you try and do everything yourself – it’s 1 voice shouting out there hoping to be heard

Now imagine if you work with a local printer, designer, solicitor, accountant, web designer, photographer, insurance company, social media company and also attend a local networking group

That could be 15-20 people spreading the word about you to Friends, Family, Clients and Contacts

If you shop local for business suppliers, you’ll find the general public en large come to you and shop local

Don't Build A Business On Failure

How many of the businesses that have closed in your home town, did so because they felt that word of mouth alone was a successful marketing plan?

How many were hoping word of mouth would keep them going to the 6 month point when they would eventually market themselves?

How many of the businesses that closed did you only hear about when they announced their closure?

You don’t build a successful business by repeating the acts of failed businesses

It’s often said that “All business failures are marketing failures” and to a massive extent that’s true

“No-one knows you exist” is the most common reason for business failure – no awareness, no customers, no sales, no cashflow!!!

The established businesses that now get all of their work via word of mouth – do so because at one point they marketed themselves successfully

Word Of Mouth Is Not A Marketing Plan
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