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Subs Altrincham

In the past month alone SUBS Altrincham has reached over 100,000 screens and attracted 100+ bookings to their monthly networking events

For our latest blog we look at how the SUBS Altrincham are Building A Networking Group Via Social Media and attract new attendees to hugely successful events

In a nutshell SUBS Altrincham offer free networking and learning events providing you with the opportunity to meet like minded businesses as well as our local SUBS Business Partners

Altrincham HQ have been founding partners of SUBS Altrincham since the group was launched just over 3 years ago

Throughout the past 3 years Social Media has played an integral part in attracting attendees for an event in a competitive space

Alex McCann of Altrincham HQ explains

“As a founding partner it was important for me that the Social Media was powerful for the group

Networking has been part of building my business since day 1 and I knew from the outset if we were to attracts attendees to events we had to stand out via social media

Email open rates are generally on a downward spiral in this sector as virtually every day there is a new event announced and it has reached saturation point

We’re in a small town of 45,000 population, but still there are half a dozen regular networking events in the town and opening up to Greater Manchester there are dozens of events every day

From day one the group was more active on Social Media than any other group in the town”

Subs Altrincham
Social Media however never stays still and in 2018 they looked at the social media for SUBS Altrincham and wanted to make a change to keep the group relevant

“Networking groups generally have a limited lifespan – one minute the group is hot and through complacency it’s out of fashion

On January 1st we totally ripped up everything we were doing on Social Media

We went back to the idea of what SUBS Altrincham was founded on – the Power Of The Collective

We realised if we focused on promoting our partners then the law of attraction would come into force – people would see that we care passionately about those involved and want to be part of it

Within 7 days of the event being open for bookings the 1st event of the New Year was fully booked”

People have a desire to be talked about and recognised and that’s what is at the heart of it

“We don’t schedule any social media updates for SUBS Altrincham

It’s that desire to keep it as real time as possible and to focus on the here and now

Partners were encouraged to post at least one positive update a day about their business – we called this operation positivity

Curation plays a large part of this – we try to group partners and stories together so that it amplifies the news to different networks

That’s how we reached 100,000 screens. We’ve attracted a lot of 1st time visitors to the group because of this

On top of that partners Social Media reach in some cases went up over 178%”

Subs David Bellin
David Bellin of SUBS Altrincham has this to say about how Social Media has impacted the SUBS Altrincham group

“Whether you have a love or hate relationship with social media it’s difficult to argue against the facts.

I truly believe our funded SUBS events are the most friendly, fun and informative events you can attend anywhere – and I’ve been to quite a few.

But events like ours can’t rely on word of mouth alone. Our social media strategy has catapulted our SUBS Altrincham Group out to literally thousands of local businesses.

Last year saw great social media coverage, but our 2018 strategy has been delivering results better than I had ever imagined possible.

The hardest part about having a great event is letting people know it’s out there. Thanks to social media it’s a little bit easier.”

With the next SUBS Altrincham Event of 2018 on course to be fully booked up we’d advise you book up on ASAP

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