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Twitter Takes Time

Unless you’re a well known brand or a celebrity – Social Media takes a time investment until you start seeing the results back from it!

In the online world you need to be both visible and build up trust and this simply doesn’t come overnight.

I was recently chatting on DM to a local business from Altrincham about their marketing after a leaflet dropped through my letterbox at home.

Social Media Vs Leaflet Drops

It’s an interesting example that I thought i’d blog about here for you

  • Said business has printed and distributed 750 flyers in the local area – they had got work from this


  • Social Media was not delivering any results for them

I looked further at their twitter and found out

  • They had tweeted just 31 times – about once every 3 days
  • They had 53 followers and were following about double that number

Now for a second – lets play the numbers game

Let’s say 31 flyers had been distributed and they’d engaged with (not sold at) 750 different tweeters.

Where do you think the work would be coming from?

Remember folks Social Media takes time, but if you use it regularly and use it wisely you’ll have a host of advocates shouting how good your business is. It will be the best time investment you spent

Don’t dabble for too long before consulting an expert – there’s another real life example of the time / cost of dabbling for months on social media here

Please tell us below how long it took for Social Media to work for your business?





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