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For Personal Trainers

You know your potential clients are ALWAYS on Social Media, because it’s the last thing they do when they walk into the gym and the 1st thing they do when walking out of the gym

Being a Personal Trainers isn’t just about getting great results for clients – it is making sure people know about those results and Social Media is your vehicle for doing that

Are you …

  • Getting great results for clients, but don’t know how to use social media to spread the word?
  • Struggling to find the time for social media in between clients?
  • Feel like you’re being overlooked because your profile isn’t high enough
  • Want to change perceptions from being “another personal trainer” to having a personal brand?
  • Want to build a stronger testimonial strategy?
  • Paid for a new website and not attracting enough visitors?
  • Want to launch online diet / fitness plans?
  • Ultimately – do you want more clients?

If this sounds like you – then Altrincham HQ’s Social Media For Personal Trainers workshop can help

As well as working in marketing I’m also a qualified fitness instructor and keen half marathon runner, gym goer.

I love fitness and my longest run is a 50km run from Altrincham to Liverpool.

Fitness and marketing are about good habits.

Who are our workshops for?

  • Personal Trainers
  • Gym Owners

Which platforms can you cover?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Blogging
  • Analytics

What will you learn in our workshops?

Over a half / full days training you will find out…

  • Which platforms are working for you at the moment and why?
  • How to take advantage of ALL the social media options out there
  • How to develop great social media content that stands out
  • How to develop your brand so that you’re the 1st PT on people’s lips
  • How to develop your testimonial strategy
  • How to get your clients to do the talking for you
  • How to use blogging to increase web visitors and your client base
  • How to generate more awareness and more clients
  • …and much more

Scenario 1

Your gym hasn’t quite recovered since the pandemic.

You’ve bounced back, but are still at 75% of what you were pre-pandemic as people have discovered other forms of exercise such as walking, running, and cycling.

You’ve tried traditional advertising such as leaflet drops and newspaper adverts, but it’s just not driving results like it did 8-10 years ago.

To turn this around the gym manager and assistant manager take part in a social media training session and are prolific on social media. You turn up more on social media than every other gym in town and suddenly you start to see the old faces comes back.

They still do all the new forms of exercise such as walking, running and cycling but they miss the camaraderie of the gym.

To further enhance this for members you start monthly social nights out which further attract new members to the gym.

Scenario 2

You’re a new PT in a saturated market.

Everyone in the gym seems to have more experience and more clients.

After a social media strategy session you start telling your unique story.

The fact that you used to weigh 18 stone, sleep too little and drink too much resonates with people. People want someone that’s been in their shoes rather than being the popular person at school and from that people start approaching you on the gym floor.

At the start it’s just casual conversation and hints and tips here and there.

But the more you tell your story the more clients you keep picking up 121 clients and because of demand you’re also able to launch weekly bootcamps.

Scenario 3

You’ve always grown up with Social Media.

Personally you’ve used it as soon as you hit your teenage years and you know how to work your way around the app.

And you’re good looking and ripped so a photo of yourself always gets likes and comments on.

But the secret is despite all the likes and comments you’ve never won a single client from social media.

After a social media training session you change your whole approach to social media and rather than chase likes and comments you focus on producing content towards your ideal clients.

The likes and comments drop by 40%, but those were from other PT’s and bots anyway, but what you find is the DM’s come in for trial sessions and bookings.

Social Media vanity metrics are down, but business is now better than ever.

How Long Do The Workshops Last?

Dependent on your needs we can offer…

  • Half Day
  • Full Day

Contact Us For A Quote

So we can prepare the best possible quote let us know…

  • A little information about your business
  • Which platforms you currently use
  • Your objectives for the session
  • Duration of the session

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