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Who are you posting for on Social Media?

Before you read the rest of this blog I want you sit there and ponder for a minute or 2 because I realise it’s something that 95% of business have never done since they 1st joined social media

Every post you post on social media should be aimed towards what in marketing we call Customer Avatars

In layman’s terms the easiest way to think of this is to go on to Youtube and look at the Travelodge Travelodgicals advert

You’ll notice that every piece of marketing that Travelodge is aimed towards one of their avatars be that the solo business traveller, the young couple, the group of lads in a city for one night, the family and so on

If your marketing is generic and aimed at EVERYONE you won’t hit the mark with ANYONE

In this blog I want to you think further than avatars and to get to the nuts and bolts of social

These are the 2 Different Audience On Social Media



Everyone talks about Social Media Engagement and we’re no different. It is one of the measures of success of Social Media, but it’s not the only one by any means

By engagement we’re simply talking about those people who like, comment, share your posts or who interact in it in some way. That might be a link click or a video view and so on

We treat this as the holy grail of social media as our brains are wired to crave attention and approval

And the Social Media algorithms are weighted towards people engaging with a post and the more engagement the more the posts are pushed in the feed

Those that know how to work the algorithm know how to gain engagement – but it often brings up the question is it Meaningful Engagement or Meaningless Engagement and is it actually linked towards your business goals


This is the audience everyone forgets about as they focus on engagement

The majority of people on social media regardless of the platform are lurkers

They go on social media everyday and consumer content, but they never post or hit reply

I witness this every single day at the start of Social Media Training sessions where a large percentage of the room will say they use social media but never or rarely post

These lurkers on Social Media are my customers. These lurkers on Social Media are YOUR customers

These are the people that ring or email me up after a period of time with the opening “I’ve been stalking you on for social media for a while now and that post today really resonated with me … so I want to book”


When you look at your Social Media stats chances are your engagement rate is 1-3%

There are 2 ways to look a this

It could mean that 97-99% of people are disinterested in what you posted. That’s a possibility if all you ever post is sales messages

The reality is that a sizeable percentage of those 97-99% of people are soaking up your content and literally never engage on social media

Engagement is one measure of success for your businesses social media marketing

But don’t forget the lurkers – post content that represents your business in the best possible light rather than engagement bait

Those lurkers are the silent majority and they’re your customers

Without the lurkers your don’t have a business

Embrace them by being the best you can on social media


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