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At Altrincham HQ I’m pleased to say most of our clients have been with us years and years

When you consider that clients initially sign up just 3 months it says a lot about the quality of service we provide

It’s why being in business for over 13 years I’m still here and in demand

One thing we do as part of the on-boarding process with new clients is

– Set the Framework – this is where we set expectations from the client as to what we expect from them in terms of content, testimonial / reviews strategy, storytelling

– Suggest Ideas – we’re the ideas engine – the ones that come up with out of the box ideas that we feed into the client to facilitate the content above

One thing we always state to new clients is that you get out of social media what you put in and that Outsourcing Your Marketing Does Not Mean Dereliction Of Duty

What we mean by Dereliction Of Duty is we simply do the maths

Altrincham HQ will always put in 100%, but it only ever works to it’s potential when the client puts in 100% as well

If you put in 10% and we put in 100% than the average of that is 55%

If you put in 100% and we put in 100% than the average of that is 100%

Marketing only works when both parties are fully on board

As we said earlier most of our clients have been with us for years and years, but an example we always use as a warning was a client a number of years ago who provided 3 photos over 3 months, didn’t encourage customers to leave reviews and wondered why social media wasn’t working for them

As we said Outsourcing Your Marketing Does Not Mean Dereliction Of Duty


When working with a client we have 4 non-negotiables when working with a business

These are the absolute foundation that we must grow from

Every business has stories

You tell those stories to colleagues, loved ones when you arrive home and in the pub on a Friday night

As human beings we have that inbuilt desire to tell stories and to lap up stories

And stories form the foundations of marketing

When outsourcing your marketing it’s important to tell those stories to the marketing company you outsource to and let them turn them into shareable content

There are many other storytelling frameworks we work within, but simply asking the questions “What has been different or new this week?” / “What is it the anniversary of this week?” and “What National Awareness Days are taking place this week” are 3 starting points to a great story

Remember that client we mentioned earlier who provided 3 photos over 3 months, didn’t encourage customers to leave reviews and wondered why social media wasn’t working for them

At the on-boarding meeting we stated we needed 7 photos a week from the client – to deliver 3 in 3 months is way beyond being forgetful – it’s an absolutely critical mistake

In 2019 we have the ability to produce great photos on our smart phones with a little practice and editing

We have the ability to document our daily life and the work that we do

One of the simplest ways I’m able to document our social media training is a group photo at the end of our social media workshops and certificate photos for each attendee of group workshops and 121 – it visualises a B2B business

If a client doesn’t feel comfortable taking their own photos we have a number of photographers we can recommend and the caveat to DIY photos or not is as Martin Hambleton says “If you’re using something for longer than a year, get a professional in”

Reviews / Testimonials
With marketing you have the ability to get hundreds or thousands eyeballs on your business

But people want social proof that you’re good and worth investing their money in

That’s where reviews and testimonials come in

There should be a system in place for customers to leave a review at the point of happiness

You get asked after every single Uber trip, every holiday and every gig you’ve gone to

When you’re buying from a local business or service provider you expect to see positive reviews – if you don’t no matter how much marketing is done, customers will have a barrier to buying from you

Customer Service
I’ve turned down countless businesses money because they can’t deliver good customer service

I know our marketing will attract potential customers who will then be disappointed by the end result

These are not businesses I’d want to be associated with and even if I could get over the ethics of working with such a business it would be damaging to the business in question

Marketing amplifies and flames word of mouth and drawing people towards a business with poor customer service is highlighting this

I post this in the hope that if you outsource your social media – you don’t stop caring, you start caring more about your marketing

We’re ready to put in 100%

Are you?

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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