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Social Media is stressful … there I said it – and that’s from somebody who works in Social Media and spends 24/7 on Social Media

Many small businesses outsource their social media to Altrincham HQ as they simply can’t cope with always being present on Social Media

What if I don’t respond in time?
What if I don’t post enough?
What if I don’t know what to say?
What do I do if I tweet something wrong?
How do I handle a customer complaint?
How do I deal with trolls?
How do I know what I’m doing is the right thing?
What if a competitor is marketing better than ourselves via Social Media?
How do I measure the success of what I’m doing on Social Media?

Those are the sort of questions that are often asked of us by somebody who is struggling to handle their social media – there is the permanent feeling of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

All of this brings a huge amount of stress to a small business owner, especially a business that has been trading for decades and was used to Traditional Advertising where it was a lot less time intensive

What we do to relieve the stress is handle all their social media for them, so they have the gift of time to concentrate on growing other areas of their business happy that the online marketing will bring in new customers

Often the client has spent their birthday, weekends, Christmas Day, the family holiday attached to their phone worrying about what they’re missing out on in the world of social media and they’re so much happier for outsourcing.

It’s amazing to have the meetings or phone calls a couple of weeks after we’ve started and to talk about how happy they are with what we’re doing and how they couldn’t be doing this themselves or couldn’t be doing it as well as ourselves

So often what we hear as well from clients is that it’s given them quality time in their home life. Their partner has stopped complaining that they’re always attached to their phone and they get to spend quality time with their children when they’re not working on their business.

If you’re a business owner that stresses over Social Media I really would consider outsourcing it like you would outsource services to an accountant, IT Company, Graphic designer.

In our personal lives we outsource all the time – we go to a restaurants because they can cook better than us, we go to a travel agent because it’s quicker than searching 20 different websites, we bring in decorators & tradesmen, some of us may have cleaners, dog walkers or pet sitters.

Outsourcing is not a dirty word

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