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Social Media Marketing for B2B


Social Media for B2B often doesn’t get the same exposure as B2C, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as effective in terms of a marketing stream

Altrincham HQ have worked with many B2B companies including Solicitors, PR & Marketing companies, accountants, IFAs, Office Supply Companies and many more and 9 times out of 10 they fall into the following scenarios

Does this sound like you???

* Have a linkedin profile, but have done little with it since setting it up

* Either don’t use twitter or have just started using it as want to know more

* Everybody at networking is kept in the loop between networking meetings except me

* Know that blogging works, but don’t know what to write


* Developing your Full Social Media Strategy
* Twitter Training – from the basics to indepth usage
* Linkedin – Refining your profile, Linkedin in a testominial strategy and using it more effectively
* Facebook – It’s not just for B2C – find out how to utilise it for your business

* Blogging – Blogging Brainstorming session
* Content Marketing – How to use Instagram, Periscope and other tools to humanise your business


“I approached Alex after taking on a marketing apprentice so that he could learn the conventions of social media and digital marketing as soon as possible.

I was blown away with what my apprentice learnt in only a few hours. Alex provided an clear and understandable approach to social media that made it easy for us to utilize the knowledge he had given to us.

I would recommend Alex and his team to anyone, very impressive!” Ansar Mahmood – Pomegranate Consultanting

“Alex really knows how to make Twitter work from a business perspective. He was calm and patient and explained things clearly, both how to use the tools and how to use them effectively. I would definitely recommend him for anyone who wants to maximise their use of social media” Philippa Wright, McHale & Co

“Alex demystified the world of social media for me. I thought this would be an impossible task but his expert knowledge and patience performed miracles. Social media is such an important tool for B2B and B2C that it needs to be executed correctly or could cause major issues. Alex was able to give tips on how to tailor to our business needs and how to use for future expansion. It’s already brought results and moved us into 21st century. Highly recommended” Sue Aldridge, Altrincham & Sale Chamber Of Commerce


If you want to know more about how we can help you business do get in touch – we specialise in Social Media rather than offer it as a secondary add on service – email ALEX@ALTRINCHAMHQ.CO.UK

or call 07806774279

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