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With nearly 50 blogs of free Social Media and business advice published this year on Altrincham HQ it’s time for our annual look at our Most Popular Marketing Blogs of 2016

The biggest lesson we can learn from our most popular blog throughout 2016 was that Evergreen Content wins

We wrote about 5 Ideas For Evergreen Blog Content a couple of months back  and officially the most read blog on Altrincham HQ in 2016 was “How One Tweet Took Me to 1.5 Million People On BBC Breakfast TV

This blog was written back in 2012 when I was an Olympic Torchbearer for my career in Live Music Event. Rio 2016 brought back a renewed interest in the 4 year old blog and shows that old blogs can still drive traffic and business years later

On to our most popular blogs over the past 12 months

Instagram For Business
1. Instagram For Business – How To Activate Your Business Profile and Why

It says a lot that our most read blog of 2016 was about Instagram and not about the big 3 of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

The Big 3 have become the Big 5 with Instagram and Snapchat and Social Media is becoming ever increasingly visual

Earlier this year Instagram introduced business profiles which allowed you to get insights for Instagram (think Facebook insights, but not as in-depth) and the Social Media debated should you active your Instagram For Business Profile or not

Naysayers said no because it’s likely Instagram will throttle businesses organic reach like it does for facebook business pages

Other people said yes as it gives you access to data to improve your Instagram marketing

The key is GREAT CONTENT will always great through and some of the Facebook pages that have seen massive drops in organic reach have been ones posting really poor quality posts

The choice is yours but look at this blog to see how to activate your Instagram Business Profile 

5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Experts
2. 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Experts

Building the right team around your business is key to your businesses growth

In 2016 it was something businesses we’re clearly thinking about as 5 Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Experts was our 2nd most read blog of 2016

The Expert Problem can be broken down in to a few key areas

* Some Experts Aren’t Actually Experts
* Some Experts Don’t Practice What They Preach
* Some businesses don’t follow advice from genuine experts

We explore the 5 mistakes small businesses make with experts in this blog

34 Marketing Ideas For Your Business
3. 34 Marketing Ideas For Your Business and Where To Get Help In Manchester

At Altrincham HQ we specialise in Social Media – businesses come to us for the best in Social Media Training and Management

We often get asked by these businesses Do you know a web design, an SEO expert, a designer, a printer and so on

And then there’s the businesses who don’t work with us. These businesses don’t go to the competition. They just don’t do marketing full stop

And that’s why we compiled this blog of 34 Marketing Ideas For Your Business and Where To Get Help In Manchester

We want businesses to realise that Marketing Matters and you won’t a business without it

If you’re in Greater Manchester this is a trusted list of marketing experts you can rely on

4. 11 Phrases You Need To Stop Using If You Want Business Growth

The biggest barrier to growth is often not the economy, the council, your networking group, your family, your friends

It’s you

It’s the excuses you make and it’s that inner voice that keeps saying no

On 11 Phrases You Need To Stop Using If You Want Business Growth we look at the 11 Phrases that only years later you realise exactly how much they hindered your business

Have a look at this blog – admit it – you’ve used at least one of these phrases in the past month

Jose Mourinho Quote
5. 5 Business Takeaways from Jose Mourinho’s Arrival At MUFC

The thing with this blog on 5 Business Takeaways from Jose Mourinho’s Arrival At MUFC – you can take something away from it whether you’re a red or a blue

The business lessons are lessons for everyone

It’s very rare at Altrincham HQ we do what i’d call the trendjack blogs – we’ve never done a Marketing Lessons You Can Learn from Game Of Thrones style blog

There was something about the quotes from Mourinho that rang out to us in that 1st press conference

Whether the words are backed up with actions by the end of the season is up for debate – but your business can grow from this blog

Chat to about Social Media for YOUR business so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting to you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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