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Seth Godin wrote a blog a number of years ago that highlighted that his most popular blogs this year weren’t necessarily his best.

It’s something I agree with so before we get onto our most popular blogs i’d like to highlight the following Top Blogs I think we’re our best of 2015
There are no shortage of startup businesses launching … similarly there are no shortage of startup businesses failing

Our best blogs of 2015 looked past the hype of town centre loan schemes and councils patting themselves on their back about new opening

And you know actually gave them some real practical advice that works

If you’re in a business in the 1st 3 years – read these blogs (and refresh yourself if you’re established)

5 Social Media Lessons I’ve Taught Every Day This Year

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Leaping From Employment To Running Your Own Business

The Myth Of Word Of Mouth Marketing For Startups

Why All Independent High Street Business Owners Should Use LinkedIn

7 Reasons Startup Businesses Fail
And a bonus one

10 Reasons You Should Choose Altrincham HQ for Social Media Marketing


1. TripAdvisor Announces The Best Places To Eat In Altrincham in 2015
Love or hate TripAdvisor – the general public place tremendous importance on it when visiting a new town

Our most popular blog of the year looked at the Top Eateries of 2015 in Altrincham – cementing the town as a real foodie town experience

2. 5 Things I’d Like to See Happen In Altrincham in 2015
Mobile Charging Points, The old McDonalds building coming into use, local business caring about marketing, more local businesses for men, The Market Quarter Is Linked Up With Other Areas Of Altrincham

These were what we wished for in 2015 – ok none of them happened, but the seed has been planted and with time they will happen

3. A Beginners Guide To Periscope – Part 1
Some people said that Periscope and live streaming was irrelevant and dismissed Social Media experts thoughts

Well this blog on Periscope made the Top 3 popular blogs and Facebook took live streaming important enough to launch their own version of it

Live Streaming – 1 / Naysayers – 0

4. 4 Reasons You Should Stop Auto-posting From Facebook to Twitter
Social Media is not one channel – it’s multi-channel!!

Auto-Posting from one channel to another is the equivalent of using the same TV advert on Radio – it often doesn’t make sense when not broadcast natively

5. FREE WIFI DIRECTORY: Where can you find FREE WIFI in Altrincham, Hale and Timperley?
Free Town Centre Wide Wifi is something that is being discussed at a higher level at the moment

In the mean time our comprehensive Free Wifi Directory of Altrincham, Hale and Timperley gives the heads up on where to browse


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