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We’ve answered the question previously – Is Social Media Management or Social Media Training the best option for your business?

And the numbers often speak for themselves – we work with about 20-25 businesses a year on Social Media Management whilst the amount of people we train each year is around 2000

When 2000 people work with you each year you get to understand the dynamic of a room and what sort of Social Media Training works best for each person

Below we break down Is 121 Training Or Group Training The Best Option For Your Business?

When we talk about Social Media beginner there are 2 scenarios

1) You can’t use a computer that well, as everything you do and grew up with is pen and paper

Even getting online on your laptop to a new wifi connection is pretty taxing and you see @ and # signs on a computer but haven’t got a clue really

Your technical knowledge can just about sent an email or order something from Amazon, but after that you’re stumped

You think you’ve set up a social media account, but have never posted

2) You can user a computer competently as you’ve used one for the past 20 years in your job

Word, Excel and Powerpoint are something you use in your job every single day, but then there’s that world of social media that you really don’t understand

You look and stare at the screen and your mind goes blank and some of the questions you have make you feel a little bit stupid

Deep down you know a Social Media business will always tell you that there is no such thing as a stupid question, but you’d much rather ask these questions one-to-one rather than ask them in front of a room

Answer: 121 Social Media Training is best for you – it will suit your pace and you won’t feel rushed in a group scenario

Group Social Media Training
You’ve had social media for a while and you have some followers and have posted a number of times

You might even post on Social Media every single day in a personal capacity

And yet you don’t have a huge amount of marketing experience and feel that honestly you’re only getting about 25-30% out of social media at the moment

Over the years you’ve read a few blogs on Social Media and hear often about businesses that are achieving social media success, but it’s something that’s never happened to you and you know that you should be growing your business via social media

What you really want is a good grounding in social media that covers everything you need to run a successful social media account and get results from it

You also love networking and know that by meeting other businesses you’ll not only benefit from shared experience, but also can potentially collaborate and partner together as well

Answer: Group Training is best for you – about 60% of businesses we work with would benefit from group training either with multiple businesses or across the organisation

You’ve used social media for a number of years and you understand the basics and would even call yourself an advanced user

You’ve won business from Social Media so that must mean you’re doing something right

If you were to book on to a group session you’d feel like you’d be going over stuff you already know

What you really need is social media expert to sit down with you, get geeky with the analytics, refine what you’re doing and discuss your social media strategy or help plan your social media strategy

You understand the benefit of training so you realise this isn’t a one off activity and will probably want to sit down every 6 months or once a year

Once day you know that you’ll be able to walk alone, but for the next 18 months the training would really help

Answer: 121 Social Media Training is best for you – you deserve all that attention to really enhance what you’re currently doing

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

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