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With every interaction you learn something from the experience

Last week I was invited with 3 other local business owners to give an inspirational talk to Year 5’s at my old primary school – Navigation Primary School – you can read the blog here of what advice I gave them

So what can adults in business learn from 9-10 years and what key takeaways are there

Attention Is The New Currency
If you have no attention, you have no business

So often when I meet businesses to talk about Social Media and marketing the phrase “i’m just not good at putting myself out there” or “I’m not good with promoting myself”

Often the older people get, the more self-conscious people get, and the less attention they seem to want

The inspiration I took away from Year 5’s is that attention is essential to getting ahead and there is nothing holding them back from putting their hands up and letting everything be about them and their question

Whatever business you’re running – chances are you are not running a monopoly – you have to gain more attention than your competitors or otherwise you’re going out of business sooner or later

Be Excited

We’ve all met passionate drones at least once during a networking event

I say once – because you never want to meet them again

Linked to how important attention is. You attract attention because you’re passionate about what you do. Your passion creates an energy that is infectious

You should always approach business with the business acumen of an adult and the excitement of a child – because if what you’re doing doesn’t excite you, then it won’t excite the customers you’re looking to approach

As soon as something becomes an actual chore, step away from it – then come at it from a fresh angle and get excited about it again

Ask Questions

Remember – you’re not expected to know everything about running a business

You’re probably just really really good at one thing in business and pretty rubbish at other things – and that’s ok!!!

That is why it’s so important to ask questions of others and use the expertise of others

The Year 9’s were Stepping Into Biz for the very 1st time and hence they took the knowledge of 4 business owners who had been there before and done it

How is that different from yourself who has maybe worked for someone else in the past and had the support of all the different experts and departments

If you’re a startup or small business – ask lots of questions, get training and outsource if needed


At the end of our Inspirational Talk – the teacher did one important thing to recap what the children had learnt

Repeat what are the key lessons for setting up your business

Repetition is important – they say it takes hearing something 7 times for information to be embedded in your brain

How often as adults do we hear something and then because we’re so busy – simply move on to the next task on our list

You’ll notice if you read our blogs on a regular basis – there are different ideas in every blog, but there are core themes that run through everything we say

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Take Action

Now this is the part we didn’t get to see

But over the next 4-5 weeks we will and taking action is a massively important part of business

You can read this blog – and do nothing


You can read this blog – and change something

The latter requires hard work, but taking action will bring results. Doing nothing, things will carry on the same as before

Which will you choose?


Chat to about Social Media for YOUR business so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your business

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting to you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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