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Playground Sessions with In Movement - Catherine Wilks

Playground Sessions with In Movement - Catherine Wilks


Introduce your business and tell us what you’ve been up to recently?
At In Movement we’re interested in how the power of play changes the way people work together. Recently we have launched Playground Sessions to offer small businesses and freelancers the opportunity to play, focus on leadership and network in a very different way. This last month we have also worked with a variety of Businesses from Global Co’s to Public Sector organisations on Working as One, Motivation, Perspective, Customer Service and Values. And we had fun doing it!

What makes you different from other similar businesses in the area?

Our approach and where this takes people. This is definitely what makes us stand out. Play is human nature. We set up games and structures and people find a way to join in, we then reflect on the decisions people made and what effect they had on others. We are interested in play that gets adults away from the ‘heads and hands’ approach to work, and engages the body. After working with us clients have told us ‘we’re a team’ ‘I feel more human’, ‘more innovative’, ‘changed systems’ ‘new ways to relate to clients’ ‘bring people together’. What we do is fun, but it is also useful and that is why we are different.

What flexibility does being an independent business give you over a national chain / business?

We’re playing. We set rules when we need to, we move them when we need to. We know why we’re doing what we’re doing. Nothing ever stays the same and so we are continuously learning, growing, changing. This is one thing that play builds in you, adaptability. Play allows us to direct, shape, lead, push, shift, mingle, morph and occasionally glide!

Looking back, which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?

Surround yourself with lot’s of champions (playmates!) who can keep you motivated, focused and resilient. (And make you food, take you for tea and make you do something different once in a while!) One of the things that surprised me when starting my business was that I expected things to move really quickly. I had so much to learn, I found that there wasn’t really an order to doing things, I found that it takes time to build relationships, be visible and make it work. There are many people who are my champions, and I couldn’t have done it without them.

What part does Social Media play in your business?

It is a really big part, because it is part of that relationship building. Face to face is always my priority, but Social Media supports and strengthens my networking and enables me to develop relationships further. I think I keep in touch with people more because of it, I learn about the people I want to work with, and find out more about what they need. On top of all that is helps me be visible- when I am juggling everything about running a business my online profile is always there and because of Social Media it remains active.

And getting to know you and your Altrincham…

Where do you eat / take out in Altrincham?

For Breakfast- Gastronomy in Hale (lovely on a Sunday)
For Lunch, Minskii on Regent Road, absolutely delicious. Yum!
For Dinner, The Victoria Pub
For a coffee and snack- Y McGregor
For take away- Mhariam in Timperley

Which is your favourite pub or bar to drink at in Altrincham?

I like The Victoria for a glass of wine. The Slug for a cheap night out, and The Brassiere for a bit of nostalgia! (Malibu and Coke all the way!)

Where is your essential must visit shop in Altrincham?

Tricky, tricky. Excluding necessities I like to mooch in Green Ginger for gorgeous fabric. I like to sew square things- cushions and curtains mainly. Don’t have to think too much and always pleased with the outcome!

What’s been the most impressive new business you’ve seen open in Altrincham in the past 12 months

Yara- I haven’t been able to go enough yet, as it is always soooo busy. I don’t know if it has been there longer than a year now, but it is very popular. I think they do take away- I need to take more advantage.

In an ideal world what major improvement would you like to see happen in Altrincham?

More interesting and unique shops, to fill all the beautiful buildings we have in Altrincham. If I want to buy something different, clothes, gifts, stuff for the house or just to wander round and see nice things, I can’t do that in Altrincham anymore.

And if we want to look you up on Social Media what’s your facebook / twitter addresses?


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