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Alex McCann of Manchester based Social Media Company chats with email marketer Maeri Howard about How To Use Pinterest For Business

Is Pinterest something you should be using for business?
We’re aware that in the past we’ve covered subjects such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Blogging countless times before, but never Pinterest

In the interview we talk about whether Pinterest is a social media platform or a search engine and perhaps that answer highlights why it’s not as omnipresent as other platforms

But can it be ignored

300 million users, 2 billion pins saved and point of difference

Pinterest calls itself a visual discovery platform and it’s purpose is “When it comes to a great idea, you know it when you see it.”

1. Mindset matters

People come to Pinterest to get inspired and try new things.

2. Timing is everything
Reach people when they’re planning and making decisions.

3. Get more love
On Pinterest, brands inspire – they don’t interrupt. Share your ideas with people who want to take action.

In an indepth interview we talk with Maeri Howard for 50 minutes on all things Pinterest

The questions you have, the questions we had, the ultimate guide to all things Pinterest

– Pinterest demographics and Users 2020
– Is Pinterest really a social network or actual search engine?
– The 3 main benefits for businesses using Pinterest
– How much time do you need to spend on Pinterest to make it work?
– Which business sectors does Pinterest lend itself to?
– Can You use Pinterest for B2B Marketing?
– Pinterest vs Instagram
– Pinterest Analytics
– Pinterest do’s and dont’s
– Case studies of Small Business using Pinterest

And much much more

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