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How To Stand Out From The Crowd As A Me Too Business

Me Too has taken on a different meaning over the past few years

We’re not going to talk about Sexual harassment in the workplace as the phrase has come to be associated with

We’re going to talk about the old use of the phrase “Me Too” and how to stand out and show the world that you are not like every other business in your industry

A me too business is a business selling very similar services, trying to convince the world their story and product is more worthy


This is the inspiration behind this blog

I was working with a business last week that was truly unique

On the world stage they have peers and competition – but on a regional level they are literally the only business of their type I have met in 10 years of networking

That business was a Laughter Leader or a Laughter Yoga Coach. Many of you will have met Sara Kay of Serious Laughter and you’ll have remembered her as it’s rare at a networking event you hear an intro pitch which truly stands out

And the other business I’ve met that truly stands out – a cat reiki specialist


That most businesses are Me Too Businesses is a problem

You know it’s a problem because when you go to networking events you’re not the only business of your type in the room

When your customers go to google to search for your services another 10 businesses come up in the same town

When people buy from you one of the main considerations in deciding who to go for is price

Accountant, Solicitor, HR Specialist, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Printer, Business Coach, IT Consultant, Photographer, Insurance Specialist, Copywriter, PR guru, hypnotherapist – all Me Too Businesses

Even Social Media Specialist – you probably know more than just ourselves (even though it’s ourselves you choose to read each and every blog of)


Here are 4 simple ways to stand out as a me too business

1. You

As a small business your biggest weapon of choice if you and your personality

People want to know the person behind the business

We buy because we meet, like, know, trust

When I go on to social media I don’t post selfies for vanity reasons – I post selfies because there are a glut of social media experts and a glut of Altrincham regeneration specialists who hide in the shadows and no one knows what they look like

On the other hand I’m stopped on trams, in bars, on the high street and at networking events as the guy from Altrincham HQ

Before people have met me they feel like they know me.

Sure we’re the Social Media company putting out positive vibes, but we’re also the social media specialists who love rock & roll, running, vegan food and the community

And that makes us unique

2. Content Marketing

“Content marketing can be ineffective if your competitors can produce more content than you and if your social media outlets have no audience”

You need to have an honest conversation with yourself about your social media and content marketing plans

What is the quality of your content and how frequently are you producing it?

Since we started Altrincham HQ we have committed to produce at least one blog per week and this year we started broadcasting daily Instagram Live videos

Believe it or not even in the social media world there are “Social Media Experts” who haven’t blogged since 2017, who have tweeted 5 times in the 3 months and haven’t posted on Instagram in a year

The bar for social media should be higher than most industries than most, but it’s not

So think about your business

What would happen if as an accountant you blog every single week rather than just twice a year like most accountants as a budget updates come in

What would happen if your 15 strong team of solicitors each has to blog just 3 times a year meaning you had constant new content on your website each year whereas the competition had a static website

Content does take time – but it always pays

3. Public Speaking

I’m one of those rare creatures who enjoy public speaking

I’m at home when i’m in front of an audience

But I look back to when I 1st started Altrincham HQ and my biggest fear would have been speaking in front of an audience. I’d have much rather been a mute member of the audience and I’d have been too shy to even ask a question at the end of another persons talk

Overcoming that fear can turn into your biggest advance

When you’re in front of an audience you present yourself as an expert

Our local networking events can attract 40-60 people and yet if you asked at the end of a networking event who wants to speak at the next one only around 5 people would put up their hand

Public speakers are in the minority

Great public speakers are even rarer

4. Results and Reviews

The last and certainly not the least

All the previous 3 tips are the icing on the cake to this point

Results and Reviews are absolutely pivotal to standing out in the market place

You can never have too many reviews and that’s what you have to have in the back of your mind

Happy Satisfied Customers = More Reviews

Put your customers at the heart of everything you do, wow them and then have a testimonial strategy that blows everyone else out of the water

One thing you might not realise if you’re reading this blog for the 1st time

We have 10x & 20x the amount of reviews & testimonials than a number of Manchester City Centre based social media & digital agencies have

City Centre doesn’t always mean better

There is so much talent in small towns like Altrincham

There is so much talent in your small town

Be proud of where you come from

Be proud of the level of service you offer

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

Or Please call Alex on 07806774279 or email  

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