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How can I increase my reach on Facebook without Paying?

Is Facebook reach dropping or is it just me?
Why has Facebook reached dropped?
Should I just give up on Facebook and move to Instagram?

Those are 4 of the most asked questions we get at the start of a Facebook Training Session

By the end of the half days training, they’re all raving Facebook converts and have a new found enthusiasm for the platform

Let’s start with the 1st question

Is Facebook reach dropping or is it just me?
I’m always data informed rather than data driven so one of the places you can check the reality is your Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights> Reach (and check dates)

* This quarter vs Last Quarter = My Facebook reach has dropped by 350 people reached per day
* This quarter vs this quarter last year – My Facebook reach is around 450 more people reached per day

So year on year my Facebook Reach has actually increased

But you’re not a Social Media Marketing company and this probably isn’t your full time job so it’s possible your reach could have dropped

You’re not alone in this and Facebook naturally wants more businesses to pay for FB adverts as that’s how they make their money

Why has the Facebook reach dropped?
Obviously the aforementioned push for advertising spend along with the fact there is more noise on the platform

Despite anecdotes on how “XXX amount of my friends don’t use Facebook any more”, more and more people are using Facebook, more and more businesses are using Facebook and people are spending more time on the platform

It’s estimated that an average user will see around 20% of the possible updates from Friends, Family and Business Pages they are connected to on Facebook

In many ways Facebooks push and more noise on the platform is out of your control. What is under your control is producing
– Great content that stands out
– Content that helps people
– Content that entertains people
– Content that isn’t boring
– Content that is new and fresh

Before you read any more of this blog I want you to glance at the last 10 updates on your business page

– Is it new and fresh?
– Does it help people?
– Does it entertain people?

Or is it
– Boring
– Repetitive
– Salesly

As a marketing company we’re not romantic about marketing. I’m 100% prepared to ditch an idea or piece of content that drove hundreds of sales last year, but drives nothing now. You have to try something new and different and be customer focused in your marketing

Should I just give up on Facebook and move to Instagram?
Instagram is a powerhouse – so you 100% should be looking at it if you’re a B2C business (and increasingly B2B)

But let’s stick with Facebook

You don’t throw a paddy and leave because it’s not working for you right now

You don’t move to a different gym because you haven’t made the effort in your current gym

Many of the problems you’re having on Facebook will still be a problem on Instagram if you move, so master the marketing basics 1st

How can I increase my reach on Facebook without Paying?
Right – we’re going really deep on some tactical points based on using Facebook for over a decade and also bang up to date with what is working now in 2020

All of these will answer the question How Can I Increase My Reach on Facebook Without Paying?

Here are 5 types of content that work for us and can work for you

1. News Updates

Not bland boring vanilla news updates that you think shareholders are interested in your annual report, but in truth they actually skip through

News Updates that your audience are actually interested in

If you follow our company page you’ll see news updates of business openings / closures or anything going on in our home town

As a result people see us as the modern equivalent of the town crier and choose to follow us

2. Educational Updates

What can you put out that your audience will go “Wow – didn’t know that”

Telling your audience something new is a sure fire way to get their attention

The mistake most businesses make here is they try and impress their peers in the industry rather than wow their customers

Your customers are the ones that are buying from you

Your competition really aren’t a consideration at this stage

3. Entertaining Updates

If you can make your audience feel something, then they’ll feel closer to your brand

The Mainstream Media do this all the time – they post news that makes you angry and you all come back time and time again for your bad news fix

You don’t want to do this

You want to make your audience feel positive emotions. Happiness, Smiles and Laughter

Aim to brighten your audiences day

Something we’ve done recently is post lovely autumn scenes around our home town. It creates a connection

4. Social Proof

You could stand up and say “I’m the GOAT” (Greatest of All Time) – but you might come across as a bit arrogant and repel people

But one way you can get the same message across is by showing off your social proof

Reviews, Testimonials, Feedback and of course actual results

It’s powerful when you share something others have said about you. Especially when it states the journey from where they were to where your product / service took them

We all check reviews from Google to Facebook to TripAdvisor, but when was the last time you shared one

5. Sales Updates

It’s ok to sell on social media – as long as you don’t do it all the time

By doing all the things above, you’ve earnt the right to sell

And don’t try and hide your sales

“We’ve just go XXX in stock …”

“Limited Edition – only 20 left”

“Our course next week will change your life …”

You’re a business – put your best foot forward when it comes to sales

Always check your Facebook Insights each week so you can see which content is going down well with your audience

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

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