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How many recommendations or testimonials would you say are enough? Would 100 in 9 months sound good to you?

As we blogged about a couple of weeks ago, we think they’re the lifeblood of UK business, but if I was to check the profiles of the last 5 people posted a status update they only number between 1-6

At 34 linkedin recommendations for our Social Media Business that is considered prolific

Linkedin is of course aimed at B2B businesses in the main, so what about Facebook recommendations which many B2C and leisure & tourism industry personnel use as the prime social media channel

Here we look at Designer Magazine, local events promoters which we manage the social media campaigns for, on how they have a testimonial strategy in place that has got them over 100 quality recommendations in just 9 months


Designer Magazine had a good solid reputation with many well known musicians gracing their stages and also national press / radio as well as local press on a regular basis
The barriers to events promotion are very low, which means that for every good promoter there are many other’s that tarnish the industry and this causes friction between the 2 main parties – the events promoter and the musicians

Time and time again they would get great feedback face to face at events, but no way to take it further than a face to face conversation

In order to stand out they felt the best way forward was word of mouth recommendations which had already been taking place for years – but needed amplifying!!!


Facebook recommendations have a perfect platform for a real testimonial strategy to be implemented within their own social media
The key audience – bands and music fans – we’re very active on facebook and is still the main marketing platform above twitter to their end users

Not only did facebook recommendations give an archive for people to check out retrospectively … at the time of posting the recommendation was also posted our to their friends list as well.

Like linkedin as the user has to post the recommendation itself, there is a guarantee of this being a trusted post

Baring in mind many of the 16-22yr old band members had anywhere between 300-1000 people on their friends list this was massive exposure


With 100+ recommendations from people that have worked closely with Designer Magazine this set’s them apart massively from their peers in Manchester who have little or no recommendations – a recommendation says much more than a business ever can

On a daily basis they get contacted by word of mouth referrals, the bulk of which is online word of mouth via the recommendations system. They are also able to use recommendations regularly as part of their marketing to mailing lists and on other social media channels

Off the back of this the number of fans / engagement on their facebook page increases regularly and therefore events promotion reaches a much wider audience event on event


Altrincham HQ are keen to work with local businesses and get their business booming on the back of great customer recommendations

Anything you say – your customers will say it 100 times more effectively

Like us to work with you on that testimonial strategy as part of your overall social media strategy – feel free to contact us on and naturally check out those testimonials at the top of the page

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