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Busy Bees Caroline Evers & speaker Shari Royle

Busy Bees Caroline Evers & speaker Shari Royle

Last week I went to my very first Women’s Networking Group … well I say Women’s Networking Group, it was a mixed evening event ran by Busy Bee Networking, but the Busy Boys were very much in the minority

It also coincided with the first month where 100% of my Social Media Training was with Women in Business

A facebook comment from Hypnotherapist and counselor Susan Leigh summed up the differences between female and male networking succinctly “Enjoyed some really good network meetings this week, where there’s been very little swapping of business cards and more talking and getting to know each other better. It’s great to build relationships”

The male of the species tend to be much more of the thrust a business card your way and get straight to business in my experience

Busy Boys Networking

Busy Boys Networking


All this made me think about how each gender views Social Media

* On average 70% of my Social Media Training Clients are women

* On average 70% of my Social Media Management Clients are men

I’ve done nothing specific to waver those results so can we summize from this that women want to learn something and then do it themselves and men would like somebody else to do it for them??? Does the fact that I work with both and can talk and thrust cards make me bi-social?

Would love hear both genders thoughts on this….


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