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DGC Executive Travel
Chauffeur’s in Altrincham

Introduce your business and tell us what you’ve been up to recently?

Hi im Lee and I run a small chauffeur business called DGC Executive Travel, (DGC Stands for my stage name Dave Guitar Chappell as I play in a band ) we provide chauffeur driven cars for all occasions,such as weddings,business travel and special occasions such as birthdays,I work with a variety of clients including well known celebrities which keeps my job interesting.

We have recently been busy with the olympic games, and now the football season has kicked off again that will be sure to keep us busy, We are also working on our Christmas Travel campaign as well.

What makes you different from other similar businesses in the area?

The thing that makes us different is attension to detail, when you book our service, nothing is a problem, we look after you from the minute you get into the car, our drivers are professional and courtious we also have WIFI and cold drinks on board at all times

What flexibility does being an independent business give you over a national chain / business?

in my experience a small business will always provide a better service,where possible we always use small business, the service is better and the people running it are friendler as they more than likely are the owner or a close friend of the owner so it makes sense, we are the same usually I cover most of the bookings or if we have large vehicle bookings in,I use other small chauffeur businesses and run the job as an operations manager to make sure it runs like clockwork.

Looking back, which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?

Do your research,offer the best service possible,Make your customers notice you it will pay off !

What part does Social Media play in your business?

Social media is very important in my business, sending the right tweets out wins you work, Ive worked for ITV, Well know restaurants and Footballers through tweets ive sent out. I wasnt behind the door with social media but the training I did with Alex from Altrincham HQ helped me reach people further and get my message out.

And getting to know you and your Altrincham…


Where do you eat / take out in Altrincham?

I like saturday mornings catch up with my brother in weatherspoons for breakfast on Saturday mornings and love the candian charcoal pit

Which is your favourite pub or bar to drink at in Altrincham?

I dont get out much in Altrincham but when i do i like weatherspoons and Bloom Live

Where is your essential must visit shop in Altrincham?

Being a musican as well i love Dawsons

What’s been the most impressive new business you’ve seen open in Altrincham in the past 12 months

Pitta crepe is my favourite and im very interested to see how Bloom Live does as well

In an ideal world What major improvement would you like to see happen in Altrincham?

I think Altrincham is on the mend it suffered for a bit but last time i looked it was recovering nicely and I look forwards to its progress

And if we want to look you up on Social Media what’s your facebook / twitter addresses?

Twitter @DGCChauffeurs



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