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Hopewiser is the type of client we love working with at Altrincham HQ.

B2B and Social Media Marketing aren’t talked about in the same regards as B2C Marketing, and it’s a shame because used the right way it can be an absolute powerhouse.

You’ll never hear a B2B brand talked about in the same way everyone discusses the “Oreo” moment, or gushes over #caturday or #avocado on Instagram.

Hopewiser is based in Altrincham, South Manchester; they have an office in Australia, and design and supply address verification software, data cleansing services, and bank account validation.

Explaining why businesses come to Hopewiser:

“Businesses waste millions of pounds every year sending products and services to the wrong address. Global address validation and cleansing services reduce that risk and save you money. Our software is fast, robust and easy to use, suitable for both small businesses and larger enterprises”

Altrincham HQ first worked with Diane Douglas (Marketing Manager at Hopewiser) back in 2017 to give an overview of Hopewiser’s social media marketing and suggest improvements. Then in 2018 Ryan Gerrard (Digital Marketing Coordinator) joined the team, and in the first quarter of 2019 we did a social media strategy session with the team which looked at Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ryan explains about the session:

“We already had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve via Social Media, however, Alex’s years of experience helped massively when it came to devising the strategy. He was able to adapt his knowledge to our situation, and together we cultivated what is now Hopewiser’s digital marketing practices. For example, Alex emphasised the significance of being consistent with our strategy. It’s important to note that you cannot simply market one day and not the next.

Ryan elaborates on an average day on Twitter for Hopewiser here:

“I spend the first and last hour of each working day on Twitter, as I generally find these are the peak times for businesses. Promoting your brand offering aside, it’s great for networking and building up other companies’ morale for the day ahead, as well as winding down with them at the other end. Hopewiser’s Twitter strategy varies from searching for like-minded businesses and profiles to engage with, to educating them about our products, discussing the latest industry news, and advising users on how to make the most of their data and address capture facility.”

Six months into the strategy, the consistency proved fruitful. Hopewiser was approached by Royal Mail to take part in a LinkedIn campaign to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Postcode.

Our General Manager, Jon, was filmed and interviewed about the company and the importance of using Postcode Address File (PAF) data. You can watch the full interview here:”

“Royal Mail and the AMU have a large combined social media presence, therefore, when the campaign went live to their thousands of followers, Hopewiser’s brand awareness increased with the high number of views the interview received. Additionally, we were able to share the video across our own platforms, and using various analytics tools we measured how many impressions and engagements the posts received. For example, when we shared the content on Twitter, it ranked as one of our highest performing tweets during the month of October 2019.

All in all, this was deemed a success, as it reinforced our corporate message of being the first and most accurate in the industry, to an audience who had perhaps not heard of us before.

I’d like to thank Alex, on behalf of myself and Hopewiser, for the role he played in helping us to establish and grow our brand awareness.”

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