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Trafford 10k
Back in 2014 when I first started running I really really struggled to get a decent pace

My 5k run came in at 34 mins 30 seconds Every single step was hard and I had no clear direction or plan

This weekend in the most horrendous running conditions I completed a 10k run in 49 mins 27 seconds – my personal best

Training + Hard work = Better Results

That’s why when I chat to businesses about the need for Social Media Training and they opt not to do training for whatever reasons (budget, time or pride) I know deep down they’re happy to plod along and not get better results

And that’s fine if you’re happy with your lot

But Success only comes with training and hard work

Here are Business Lessons From Training For A 10k Race

1. Know Which Direction You’re Heading In
I’m a slave to Strava. I’ll admit that. Even though running is my digital detox, my phone is strapped to my arm and I get deep into the geeky analytics after my run and see where I feel I could have performed better

But the 1st time I went running out with the idea of running 10k, I did guess work as to what must be 10k

It took me longer than planned for the simple reason I didn’t know exactly where I was heading. And therefore I had to stop and check the distance on 2 or 3 occasions to plan the next stage of my route

And that’s the same for business

If you don’t have a plan and you don’t know where you’re headed than it will take you a lot longer than planned

When you set up your business you had a clear plan and clear direction of where you wanted to be in 1 / 3 / 5 years time

And yet when your business launched you forgot about plan and find yourself stopping short of where you should be

Revise those plans on a regular basis and be clear on what direction your heading in

2. Slow Down, but never completely stop

There have been times on 10k runs I’ve really really wanted to stop after 3 or 4k

I love running, but those times I have hated every step of the run

And the key when you’re facing burnout like this is to slow down, but never completely stop

Once you stop it sets a precedent and habit that is easy to slip in to time and time again

There will be moments in business where you feel burnout and that might be a warning sign you need to slow down, but it isn’t reason to grind to a halt

Slow and steady will always out perform simply doing nothing and often your best habits will be the micro ones you do consistently

3. Don’t Self Sabotage
The biggest thing that will stop you achieving success is those negative inner voices

You know it’s true because we all talk ourselves out of the things we should be doing

And then those inner voices become our outer reality

And when that happens you self sabotage your future

“I can’t do this … I can’t do this … I can’t do this”

I’d ran countless 5k’s and always said I couldn’t do a 10k before attempting a 10k for the 1st time

And you know what

I did it once … and then did it again and again and got better

Whatever you want to do with your business you CAN do it if you believe in it











4. What Happens Between Success Matters
In business it’s easy to be caught up with all the headlines

The testimonials, the awards, the results – you know, all those shiny pretty things!!!

What actually matters more than that is the processes and the daily actions that lead to success

People want all the things that impress the outside world without actually taking note of what happens when no one else is watching

I love shouting about my success as much as the next person – I’m in marketing so it comes with the territory – but ultimately it’s the hard work that I put in when no one is looking that pays the mortgage and the bills rather than me dressed up in a suit twice a year to collect an award

And it’s the same with running – people take note of the PB’s and the medals without realising everything that’s done behind the scenes

5. Obstacles will get in the way
When I got my personal best this weekend I had a huge obstacle in the way

The weather was absolutely horrendous and running conditions I genuinely would not wish on my worst enemy

By the end of the 10k I could not feel my hands and as a grown 40 year old man I was virtually reduced to tears I felt that bad

In business there are daily obstacles that get in the way and despite doing well I’ve faced a few

If you’re expecting running a business to be hassle free then you might as well give up now

Running a business often is an exercise in saying “I did it in spite of” rather than “I did it because of”

You’re probably making a mental list right now of all the people and scenarios that got in your way right now

Face your obstacles head on and you’ll soon laugh at them in weeks or months to come

I truly wish you the best for your business

I want you to achieve your personal best

Remember success only comes with training and hard work

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