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Business Introductions

Networking – if you read the blog regularly you’ll know I love to attend networking meetings

Last night I went to a new networking meeting on the circuit which could become a regular meeting for myself

Business Introductions is ran by Marian Arnold, like ourselves a serial networker who has experienced the whole gamut of networking events and wanted to offer a different spin on them

So no breakfast meetings, no 40 second pitches, no stuffy venues

Here’s 3 few things I learnt from a different type of networking meeting

No 40 Seconds Pitch Means a Different Approach

This was perhaps the part I was most apprehensive of – the fear of no 40 seconds round

At odds from when I first started networking 18 months ago when the 40 seconds was the fearful thing to do, recently the 40 seconds has become a comfort blanket for something you can hold up your achievements to a room and showcase your skills

The lack of this means you’re open to meeting connections you possibly wouldn’t chat to and free’s up any set agenda

It’s freshing and works

Talking to people indepth reaps benefits

One thing that has always happened at networking and always will

There are those whose aim at a networking meeting is to meet as many new connections as possible, grab a business card off each person and move on as quickly as possible

For ourselves it’s always been much more productive to meet a handful of people and talk to them indepth about their business, their needs and their history

Why would you want shallow connections when you can build on something much more meaningful?

Alcohol and different venues lets people open up

Hard Rock Cafe was a fantastic setting for a networking meeting. Many of the meetings I attend are at hotels or business centre’s which at times can be a little sterile.

Add a little bit of alcohol to the proceedings certainly loosens people up to be more relaxed and open

Those regular readers know as well as social media i’m heavily involved in the music industry and live music events, but who’d have known a successful architect used to be a house DJ or a restaurant marketer used to run some of Manchester’s biggest student club nights. It’s unlikely I’d have found that out at a breakfast networking meeting and as people buy from people I warm towards those creative types

Find more about Business Introductions here

And finally in true networking style – if there are any connections you’d like to meet just ask – we know lots of business in Altrincham, Manchester and Cheshire – simply email us on and add us on linkedin here

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