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Success in Manchester

Success in Manchester

Over the past 8 months we’ve been speaking to successful local Altrincham business about business, Altrincham regeneration and their business tips for other local businesses

One of the key questions we ask is….

which piece of advice would you give to somebody setting up their own business today?

Here’s a compilation of the business advice to date…

“Look after your customers know matter how many years it’s been since they last bought from you. “Look after your customers & they will look after you” The Window Co

“If you have a desire to own your own business, then go for it! I think so many people will look back on their life and wish they had tried to go it alone but never actually carried it out. Having regrets later in life is not something that I want, to be able to look back and know that I gave it my best shot is good enough for me!” Prestige Floor Studio

“Surround yourself with lot’s of champions (playmates!) who can keep you motivated, focused and resilient. (And make you food, take you for tea and make you do something different once in a while!) One of the things that surprised me when starting my business was that I expected things to move really quickly. I had so much to learn, I found that there wasn’t really an order to doing things, I found that it takes time to build relationships, be visible and make it work. There are many people who are my champions, and I couldn’t have done it without them” In Movement

“Research, research, research. And then do some more research. Also you simply have to understand customer service and what your customers want that will attract them in the first place and then keep them coming back. Don’t try to sell what you think your target customers need, sell them what they think they need.” Scullard & Co Chartered Accountants

“Its a big step opening up your own business and you have to be 100% sure and committed. Do your research and know your market inside out. Be prepared for a very stressful few months” The Zipyard

“Have some money behind you. I thought “ah yes I have a great concept and a great product – people are going to arrive in droves” WRONG! As a new business start up you always have a busy first month as people are curious and want to try new things, but then comes the hard graft – if you really believe in what you do, you have to stick to your guns. If you are an independent business just starting up you need time to build your reputation. I underestimated how long this would take, but we’ve done that now and things are really starting to take off” Pitta Crepe

“Go for it! You have to know your target market and keep a tight control of your costs and promote promote. Do as much local networking as possible connect with as many businesses as possible” Holt Business Solutions

And lastly but not least – our final piece of advice

“Firstly, Do what you love because running your own business involves long hours, but getting up early and staying up late isn’t a chore if you love it

Secondly, as well as doing Social Networking – also get involved in offline business networking. It’s really helped my business over the past year and there’s that same positive mental attitude that you find online in real life. Negative people stop positive things from happening and positive people inspire change – get involved!!!” Altrincham HQ

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