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Altrincham Xmas Lights

Altrincham Xmas Lights

Altrincham HQ have been tweeting about Altrincham since Sept 2009, but Xmas 2012 is the first year we can really call it a very Merry Twitter Xmas

Altrincham Forward have put a program events ready for the Festive Season of which last Thursday night had our first big “celeb” Switch on with former MUFC star and football pundit Gary Neville. Altrincham hasn’t had a named switch on since the days of Ken Dodd and his tickling stick

What was as equally interesting was how the news spread

The official press release about Gary Neville being the special guest went out just over 24 hours before the actual switch on missing out on the print edition of the local newspapers. Local Sale & Altrincham Advertiser journalist Helen Johnson ( @helenj83men ) tweeted the news and it was the power of twitter which actually then broke the news out to the masses

Local businesses and community leaders are increasingly using twitter as a powerful communications tool and as you can see from the stats below on the #altrincham hashtag in the 24 hours surrounding the switch on

* 281 tweets
* 285,176 impressions
* 102, 693 followers reached

Just think about that for a while – 102,693 followers reached in a town of just over 40,000 (2001 census) – that is massive numbers!!

If you want social proof of how far the word spread – TV Presenter Michael Barrymore (@mrbarrymore) even tweeted ourselves on news of Gary Neville’s announcement

Look at the stats below – makes for interesting reading

Twitter – its bringing the local community together for the good of the town – love to hear how you’re using twitter in the comments

Altrincham Xmas HASHTRACKING 2012

Altrincham Xmas HASHTRACKING 2012

Altrincham Xmas HASHTRACKING 2012 - Impressions   


Altrincham Xmas HASHTRACKING 2012 - Tweets

Altrincham Xmas HASHTRACKING 2012 - Tweets


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