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An epic 3000 word exploration of Social Media in 2022.

You can read this in 2 ways.

Look at the list at the top and scroll to the bits you want to read.

Or you can read it in full and learn from our expertise across the board.

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For those reading this for the 1st time, we’re Altrincham HQ – a social media company that has been voted the Best Social Media In Manchester, has 500+ customer reviews and worked with the likes of BBC, NHS, Manchester City, Selfridges, Costa Coffee, United Utilities and many more

A – Algorithm
B – Blogging
C – Clickbait
D – Daily Habits
E – Employee Advocacy
F – Followers Don’t = Customers
G – Google Analytics
H – Humour
I – Influencer Marketing
J – Jacking (Trend jacking)
K – Kindness
l – LinkedIn
M – Mental Health
N – Numbers
O – Organic VS Paid
P – Personal Branding
Q – Questions VS Statements
R – Reviews
S – Scheduling
T – Tik Tok
U – USer Generated Content
V – Vanity Metrics
W – Writers Block
X – Xplainers
Y – Why
Z – Zee (A To Z)

A-Z OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2022 – A is for Algorithm

We’re talking about 4 reasons it’s YOU and not the algorithm that’s the problem.

1. You’re too repetitive. You’ve been saying the same thing for 6 months, 12 months, 2 years. People are bored of you

2. You’ve stopped posting content that works.

3. You’re no longer new and exciting. People love new businesses and startups. If you’re a business that’s 5 years old you might be a little bit boring and passe for them.

4. You’re not on the new platform or using the new feature where people are paying attention. In 2022 there’s more noise and competition and you have to stand out

Our reach is growing across the majority of the social media platforms.

Is your reach growing or dropping?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022 – B Is For Blogging

Do you realise that blogging can change your life?

I started blogging in 1999 and it’s the one reason why I still have a career 20+ years later

We’re in the world where we consume short form Reels or TikToks that we haven’t realized this is just the appetizer to the main course.

People are craving indepth information that makes them smarter rather than smile for a while

Think that 750-1000 word blogs are too much?

– People spend 10 hours on a Netflix series
– People still read 500 page books

If content is good – people will spend time with it

We have 500+ blogs on our website – I challenge you to write your 1st blog in the next 24 hours

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022 – C Is For Clickbait

Clickbait has got a pretty bad reputation hasn’t.

You see clickbait from the usual suspects- The Sun, Daily Mail and locally in Manchester Evening News.

But can you take any positives from it.

After all – we all want people to click, like and comment on our content.

Here are 5 Easy Things You Can Do Today
1. Make it snackable i.e 5 things / 7 ways / 3 Reasons
2. Emotional or Power words – shocking, surprising, easy, today, now
3. A/B Test Your Captions i.e have 3-5 different titles
4. Experiment i.e Oh No / Really / You won’t believe this
5. Ask Questions / Feedback

So … what makes you click or comment on social media?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: D is for Daily Habits

People love to shout about the grandiose plans or targets

Hitting XXX Thousand followerz, reaching XXX people or getting XXX amount of likes

Where the success on social media comes from is the boring stuff – the daily habits

Things like
1. I will commit to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok etc consistently (often daily for many businesses)

2. I will commit to engaging for 10-15 minutes on each platform

3. I will commit to follow or connect with 5 new people a day

4. I will commit to writing or producing a piece of content each day

These aren’t sexy

These are work tasks

They build successful businesses though

What do you do each day on social media?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: E is for Employee Advocacy

Sounds a bit of a mouthful, doesn’t it.

At it’s most simplistic it’s
– Encouraging your staff to talk about what they do in the business
– Encouraging them to support the marketing department
– Being passionate about what they do
– And reaching more people

Employees on LinkedIn for example typically have 10x the reach of the LinkedIn Company Page

The same framework works for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Empower your staff via training and support to help grow their own brand and that of the companies at the same time

Sound good?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: F is for Followers Don’t = Customers

“I want to get more followers is not the end game for social media”

You can’t pay your bills or the mortgage with followers on social media

It’s 2021 and we need to step away from vanity metrics such as followers, likes and comments

Let’s look at how social media improves our business

And by business we mean
– Improves our customer service
– Improves our research
– Improves our sales
– Improves our profits

Ultimately future proofing your business.

So is social media improving your business or pandering to your ego?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: G Is For Google Analytics

Google Analytics is where I get to geek out after I’ve delivered the sexy creative.

Often one of the KPI’s on social media is driving traffic to your business’s website.

But you’d be amazed how many small businesses either

Don’t have google analytics on their website


Have never checked it.

Here are 5 things you can check on Google Analytics
1. Which social media channels are driving traffic
2. Which pages people are looking at
3. The split between new and repeat visitors
4. How often people come back
5. The location visitors are coming from

This data is absolute gold

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: H Is For Humour

Is humour relevant for your brand?

Does your audience love funny content or are they fans of Mrs Browns Boys 🙂

There are so many different types of humorous content you can deliver

– Industry “In” Jokes
– Dad Jokes
– Memes
– Sarcastic Humour
– A funny quip on Twitter
– Instagram Reels (although let’s be honest the miming to Americans really isn’t that funny)

When it comes to humour – go back to your why – what is helping you achieve

Do you try and be funny on Social Media?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: I is Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers does not mean working with Poundshop Kardashian’s

I’d highly recommend that if you’re looking to grow your business you work with either local or micro influencers

A micro-influencer is someone with a social media following that’s larger than a normal person’s but smaller than a celebrities

The benefits are big – more awareness, more engagement, more sales

Here are 3 ways you can work with them

– Invite them to try your product or service for free
– Feature them in your content
– Be Interviewed by them on their channels

Important – don’t see this as a one off.

Do and repeat is the key to success

A-Z OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: J – Jacking (Trend jacking)

Trend Jacking is the act of jumping on something people are talking (or trending) and associating it with your brand.

Think of the obvious examples

– The World Cup
– Bake Off
– Strictly etc
– Even the parties at Number 10

It’s a way to

– Show You’re Human


– Are interested in the same things your audience are

Often, it’s a way to see your posts fly, but you shouldn’t jump on every trending topic

– Is it relevant
– Are my audience interested in this
– What can I post that is on brand and still stands out

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: K is for Kindness

Have you seen how much negativity there is out there on Social Media?

Every single day someone gets cancelled or piled on for something “they’ve done wrong”

Instead of being silent and letting negativity rule the agenda, why don’t you deploy kindness

It’s easy

– If you see something positive amplify it
– Comment, like and share people’s good news
– Comment on a connections tips video / blog

Be honest with yourself – you’ve seen positive news in the ast 24 hours you’ve ignored whilst getting angry and spreading bad news / hate

Be kinder with your social media

Just be a kinder person

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: L Is For LinkedIn

Before you turn off because there’s a 40 something year old bloke on Instagram talking about why you should be using LinkedIn

Just pause – and listen to these 5 reasons LinkedIn is awesome

1. There are 800 million users with 30 million here in the UK – that’s HUGE!!!

2. The Organic Reach is still on fire – we’re talking Instagram Reels levels of reach

3. You can connect with the decision maker directly

4. In our experience the average spend for a client for LinkedIn is WAY above any other social media platform

5. LinkedIn Recommendations are the 2nd most trusted form of testimonials in the world – only video beats them

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: M Is For Mental Health

Social media should not make you feel shit

In the same way that

– if friends make you feel shit
– if family makes you feel shit
– if your job makes you feel shit

Change the narrative

Be aware of what makes you feel shit about social media and change
– The people you follow
– The platforms you use
– The time you spend on it

Social Media is not good or bad – but the way we use can be harmful to our health.

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022:: N is for Numbers

Numbers are really powerful on Social Media

People love a good stat on Social Media

How do these sound

– 94% of purchasing decisions are influenced by social media

– The average daily usage of social media is 2 hours and 27 minutes.

– 85% of marketers rank short-form videos as the most effective type of social media content

– 80% of local customers will not know you exist

That’s my industry and why businesses come to us for social media training

What stats can you let your customers know for your industry or business?

A-Z OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: Organic Social VS Paid Social

I’m a huge fan of Organic Social.

Organic Reach still works well for a lot of business.

My industry people want to get to know
– Me
– My opinions & ideas
– My Expertise
– They want to hear the voice and see the face

Paid Social works for what I call low hanging fruit
– A meal out
– Clothing
– An event
– An experience
– A low ticket item
– An impulse purchase

It can work for higher ticket items of course as well, but that’s a longer term brand building exercise.

Which works best for you?

A-Z OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: P is for Personal Branding

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon describes a personal brand as “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”

So in that respect everyone has a personal brand whether they like or not. You can’t opt out of other people perceiving you in one way or the other

A personal brand is what defines us and the intersection is that crossover between what we say about ourselves or how we market ourselves and what others say about us

Ultimately your brand can be good or bad depending on how you treat people

In terms of business this is hugely important as it dictates whether people want to do business with you


In terms of being an employee it could be the difference between being on the top of the list or being overlooked for an all-important promotion

A-Z OF SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: Questions VS Statements

A full stop can be a dangerous thing.

Think about this.

Whichever social media platform you use you have 2 choices – Statement or Questions.

A statement is one way communication and it has a full stop.

A question encourages 2-way communication and a discussion.

Scroll back and you’ll see a lot of your most popular social media posts have asked a question to start a discussion.

Do you ask questions in Social Media?

And if so – what has been the question which generated the most engagement?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: R is For Reviews

When we buy, we look at reviews

Amazon Reviews, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, TripAdvisor,

So with that in mind

Do you have a testimonial or review strategy for your business?

Are reviews something you attract with intent or something you leave to chance?

Have you got any reviews?

Have you got more reviews than your nearest competitors?

Are you reviews quality and descriptive?

Are your reviews recent – as in the last 2 weeks to 30 days?

We have 500+ Reviews for our Services so you could say we’re experts in this field.

Our reviews mean that when people want social media training, they come to us rather than our competition.

Can you say the same?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: S is for Scheduling

Is it ok to schedule your social media updates?

100% yes

But watch this reel right to the end for the disclaimer

The big brands do it, so why shouldn’t your small business

There are lots of options out there from Hootsuite, Buffer, Agorapulse and platforms inbuilt schedulers

Now here’s the warning

Don’t just schedule and go

Do post content in real time as well

Do make sure you engage with others and actually be social

Be honest – do you schedule at least some of your social media updates?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: T Is For TikTok

Can I mention TikTok on Instagram?

This Instagram Reel will probably be the worst performing reel I do

Here are some stats on TikTok you need to hear

– 28% of tiktok users follower a brand

– 35% of TikTok users buy something they see from the platform

– 38% Of TikTok users convince a friend or family member to buy a product they have seen on TikTok – 1.5x more likely than the competitive average

– Our users spend 14% more when TikTok is a part of the purchase journey

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: Us Is For User Generated Content

People trust their friends and family more than they trust a brand.

And yes that applies to all the businesses that are 10/10 on the marketing front.

In the old days we might tell 4 or 5 people about a business, now we can post a photo, video or review on social media and we reach 100’s or thousands

You should be encouraging your customers to talk about your and here are some stats to back it up

92% of consumers turn to people they know for referrals above any other source.

84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations above all other sources of advertising.

79% of people say UGC highly impacts their purchasing decisions.

When was the last time a customer posted about you on social media?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: V is For Vanity Metrics

What are vanity metrics?

They’re the little things you pat yourself on the back for that in the real world mean nothing
– The number of followers
– The number of likes
– The number of comments
– The number of video views

Now – don’t get me wrong they can be a big indication your content is resonating with your audience.

But remember you can’t pay the bills with followers, likes or comments

We’ve had posts that have reached 200 people and generated sales and posts that have reached 20,000 and generated nothing

Actual business and sales are the real world metrics to measure

Are you actually growing your business via social media?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: W is For Writers Block

“They Ask, You Answer” is a fantastic book I’d recommend every single person reads

The concept is simple – any time your customers or potential customers asks a question, you write a blog answering that question on your website

You then have an exhaustive body of work that helps potential customers do business with you

Could you go through your last 5 clients / customer enquiries and write a list of questions they asked?

Could you write the answers to those questions in a blog?

You’ve already answered their questions so I’m 100% sure you could

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: X is for eXplainers

See what we did there

People love to talk about their success stories

But a better way to convey this is to do explainer posts

“Here’s how we won our 1st customer”

“This is how we generated XXX amount of revenue using XXX”

“Each month I reach half a million screens and here’s how I did”

Don’t just tell


Do you do this?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: Y is for Why

What exactly is your why?

Simon Sinek talks about your why and your purpose a lot

Your higher purpose is important.

When we started out our businesses purpose was to help small businesses in Altrincham communicate more effective for the modern age.

Over time that has gone wider than just Altrincham.

Our purpose is helping business owners to live the life they want by growing their business through marketing.

That impact can be everything from owning their dream home to spending more time with their partners and having more fun.

What is your why?

A-Z Of SOCIAL MEDIA 2022: Z is for Zee Finale

Well – what I learnt after delivering 26 Reels on the A-Z Of Social Media

– My face doesn’t put people off watching 🙂
– You gain a lot of new followers / viewers through Reels
– 60 Seconds goes surprisingly fast
– I got an average of 2000 views on Instagram
– Best performing subjects with LinkedIn and Mental Health
– The 1st line shouldn’t always be your cover photo of reels
– Instagram doesn’t like you mentioning that other platform – the TT one

What have you found?

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can chat about whether online or Face 2 Face is better for you

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services

We offer Social Media Training on
* LinkedIn
* Instagram
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* Blogging

We can do this
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