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Hollyoaks Alex And Mark  
(Pic: Altrincham HQ and Altrincham Design Studio – working for 20 years together in various guises)

This morning after the huge success of our Big Altrincham Social night something dawned on me

The person who had designed the poster for the event had done their 1st design for us back in 1999, way before Social Media existed and way before Altrincham HQ had existed

Our friendship has gone back longer that, but our work together is 20 years

Over a 20 year period whenever I’d had a need for design work it was Mark Winstanley at Altrincham Design Studio I turned to

Similar Mark has always been hugely supportive about the work I do at Altrincham HQ and previously before that in music

20 years is a long time so it got me thinking about the importance of loyalty in business and in friendship

In business you often hear the phrase that 50% of success is simply turning up

If that is true I’d actually say 100% of success is being loyal to those around you

I’m not saying blind loyalty, but loyalty to those that deserve loyalty

Far too often in business you’re encouraged to take what you can from a scenario or a person and then move on to the next person

I remember at college that’s exactly what networking was described as – people you could use to jump up the next level of the ladder and it never really sat well with me

All these years later I still see it all the time

People who jump from networking group to networking group fishing for the next client and never really building up long term relationships for life

The real long term success in business comes over years as you work together, face the same struggles together and grow together

That point where the barriers come down and you’re no longer just business connections or clients / partners, but actual friends as well

We’re 10 years in to Altrincham HQ now and so many of the clients we 1st worked with are still with working with us (and even those that aren’t are still good friends)

If you’re in business it might be worth thinking about your network and the people you spend time with

  • Who was there at day 1 when you first started and who is still there?
  • Who can you really rely on and know will still be around in 5/10/20 years
  • Who always is positive about what you do versus sly digs on social media?
  • Who always looks out for you as well as themselves?
  • Who do you always look out for as you trust them 100%?
  • Who would you turn to if things weren’t going so well?
  • Who wouldn’t act jealous if things went as well as you’ve always dreamed?

Keep those that are loyal in your inner circle and keep those that aren’t loyal at arms length

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