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August is supposed to be the quiet month – the month where businesses take a break from networking, put their heads down and spend time working on their business rather than in their business

At Altrincham HQ we do things a bit differently and August this year actually ended up being one of our busiest months of 2014 so far

To put some numbers on that so you understand the full context what a busy month looks like

  • 207 Hours Planning, Actioning and Measuring Social Media Campaigns for Long Term Clients
  • 30 Hours Delivering Social Media Training
  • 11 Individuals Trained On Social Media
  • 5 Copywriting jobs for clients
  • 3 Blogs taking in 2000+ words and an 8 Minute Video Blog Recorded

Here are some highlights, tips and advice from the month of August for Social Media


We spent a full day with a local firm of Solicitors bringing their new starters up to speed on Twitter

It’s about the 4th time we’ve spent a full day with various members of the same company, as they realise the paramount importance of Social Media and bringing different voices to the table.

For some organisations it’s important there is only one corporate voice, one message – but in an area such as law where you are buying into both the skills and the person to deal with your personal or business affairs it’s important that new starters are given the same training as established members of the team

I’m actually a firm believer that regardless of the nature of the business everybody in the organisation (and yes that includes everybody from the Saturday girl through to the MD) should have some level of understanding of social media.

Social Media is the way the public and businesses communicate with each other in 2014 and therefore anybody who has any dealings with clients or the general public should have an understanding of why the business is using social media, the impact of social media and how their own personal actions can impact / influence social media

Are there people in your organisation that could do with guidance on Social Media so that your brand makes the right impact?


Over the past few months we’ve been working with a PR Company in Stockport on the major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

August was the turn of Google+ and I think the structure we took demonstrates it’s level of importance – master the other platforms 1st where your core audience is and add Google+ on top for it’s social search functionality

For those that are thinking why Google+ or what is Google+

Search + Social = Google+ … Here’s how it works in general:

Alex puts Mark in a circle.
Mark clicks +1 on an article.
When Alex searches for a similar term, that article ranks higher

So you can understand how search works when your connections have you in circles and they don’t have your competitors in circles

Incidently over 50% of the people that have us in Google+ circles don’t follow us on other social networks so we reach out to a new audience on the platform

Are you using Google+ – if so head over to our profile here (we post different posts that Twitter / Facebook)


One of the more indepth training sessions we did recently was with a large city centre bar in Manchester

The bar attracts over 1300 people each night on a Friday and Saturday night and has combined Social Media following of over 20,000 across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

You might question why do they need Social Media Training when they clearly have a following and a footfall? For businesses with both, it’s about growing engagement from within their existing audience and increasing the reach and new footfall from prospective new customers

A lot of the training sessions we’ve been doing recently have been with businesses of this type – ones who want to bring in an outside set of eyes to analyse what is being done and improve the overarching marketing and social strategy so they’re not just winning on Social Media, but winning big on Social Media

When you have a large audience it’s those strategic tweaks that can mean the difference between thousands of extra eyeballs on those messages

Do you think the number of followers you have is reflected in the level of engagement or business you win from Social Media?

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