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50+ Types Of People Who Might Want To Improve Their LinkedIn Marketing

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As someone who spends a lot of time on LinkedIn whom also sees a lot of results from LinkedIn I’m a massive cheerleader of the platform

I believe it’s a powerhouse for anybody moving in B2B circles and I believe that everyone can see results if used the right way

Often I’m asked – well is LinkedIn for me?

Usually my gut feeling that is if someone is asking, they have an inkling it is for them and they just want that reassurance of someone else telling them it is

To make it easy for you I’ve broken down 50+ Types Of People Who Might Want To Improve Their LinkedIn Marketing, it’s by no means exhaustive so do share you’re own below in the comments section

Note: I haven’t included recruiters as let’s face it LinkedIn has got the reputation for some that it’s only for recruiters

1. Business Owners who attend networking meetings regularly (and keep in touch between)
2. Business Owners who don’t network enough (but network more online)
3. Business Owners in startup phase where attention is important for growth
4. Business Owners who are established, but aren’t as active on social media as they should be
5. Business Owners who are looking to build a personal brand
6. Business Owners who are likely to be receiving press attention
7. Business owners who are looking to go public
8. Business Owners who are attending an important expo
9. Business Owners who feel LinkedIn is a better fit than other social media platforms
10. Business Owners who get value out of other platforms, but this year are drilling down on LinkedIn

1. Managers who want to lead by example when it comes to social media
2. Managers who are the only ones in the company not on social media
3. Managers who are looking to become thought leaders in their industry
4. Managers who are looking to connect with their peers in the industry
5. Managers who are looking at promotion
6. Managers who feel they’ve been overlooked on promotion
7. Managers who have heard whispers other companies are looking to recruit them
8. Managers who are doing a lot of press activity
9. Managers coming back after a career break
10. Managers who are due to retire soon and move into mentoring

1. Sales staff not hitting targets
2. Sales staff who want to earn more commission
3. Sales staff at the top of the team leader-board – who want to stay there
4. Sales staff at the bottom of the team leader-board – who want to move up
5. Sales staff heading into a new market sector
6. Sales staff looking to position themselves better in their current sector
7. Sales staff winning on the phone – but doing nothing on LinkedIn
8. Sales staff doing ok on the phone – but wanting to combine LinkedIn / Phones
9. Sales staff who don’t even have a LinkedIn Profile
10. Sales staff looking for a promotion

1. Employees who are looking for a new jobs
2. Employees who are looking for a promotion
3. Employees who are hearing rumours about redundancies
4. Employees who prefer the written word to being vocal in meetings
5. Employees who understand the concept of employee advocacy
6. Employees who are passionate about the company they work for
7. Employees who are tired of nobody taking ownership of social media
8. Employees who are working for challenger brands
9. Employees who are worried about challenger brands
10. Employees aren’t given time out of work to attend networking meetings

1. Headteachers / Educators who want to build stronger links with the local business community
2. Personal Trainers who want to move from 121 to Corporate Clients
3. Restaurant / Bar owners looking to attract more corporate clients
4. Small Charities who tell stories via Facebook, but not via LinkedIn
5. Outside Catering firms looking to attract more corporates
6. Town Teams / BIDS looking to show they care about Professional Services Businesses
7. Escape Rooms / Ten Pin Bowling / Leisure Businesses looking to attract team nights out
8. Hairdressers / Beauty Businesses
9. Gift Businesses
10. Music Industry


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