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It’s coming up to the 10th year I’ve been on Twitter and it’s still a key platform for our business all these years on

When you think that in that time Instagram and Snapchat have launched, LinkedIn became hot, Facebook is still riding out scandal after scandal, live streaming became a thing and people are talking about AI and VR as the next big thing

10 years in Social Media is a long time and for many people in the world it’s far and beyond their favourite platform (in spite of it’s flaws)

Here are 5 Reasons Twitter Is Still Relevant In 2019

1. It’s What’s Happening In The World Now

“It’s what’s happening” is Twitter’s slogan

From breaking news to the latest in entertainment, sports and politics, get the full story with all the live commentary.

And that is Twitter’s big USP

10 years on if something in the world is happening – be that a global event, local news, regional news or live TV you go to twitter to a viewpoint and update on these events

Over Christmas I spoke to my parents who spent £400 on newspapers over the year to read news that is 24 hours out of date and doesn’t have the feedback loop or different viewpoints that Twitter has

No other social network owns “It’s what happening” like Twitter does

2. Journalists Source Stories On Twitter

If you read your local newspaper still it’s essentially 75% copied and pasted press releases and 25% stories sourced from Social Media

And it’s twitter where a large percentage of these stories come from

From sourcing out stories using the #journorequest hashtag to local journalists actively searching specific hyper local accounts and local hashtags for stories

If you’re a business looking to get the word out there make sure your updates are shareable and watch the journalists follow the viral activity which follows on social media

3. Town Teams Are More Active On Twitter than Other Platforms
If you want the local town team to share updates on your business you need to be posting quality updates and fresh news on Twitter

The numbers don’t lie

In the last 2 months our local town team in Altrincham has posted a mere 22 updates on Facebook … compared to an average of 5 updates a day on Twitter

Many town teams across the UK are the same

And the algorithms dictate this

If you post too many times on Facebook you’ll annoy your audience and the posts will be demoted whereas twitter is noisier so more can be shared

4. It’s the best Social Network for 121 Conversations

The biggest mistake people make with Twitter is thinking it’s a broadcast platform

And for celebrities it is. Justin Bieber could simply tweet Hello and he’s received 100’s of 1000’s of retweets

For the average small business you need to think of it like a networking meeting. A small part of twitter is broadcast, but a large part of it 121 conversations

Twitter is still the best Social Network for 121 conversations with people you know, people you want to know more and people you will become clients

Everything in Twitter’s infrastructure and DNA is set up for 121 conversations

It’s good to talk

5. It’s integrated into Events

If you’re an event and you’re not on twitter then you’re missing out

From small local networking events to large scale events with 100’s of exhibitors and 1000’s of attendees it’s twitter that’s integrated into the event

And it’s Pre-Event Twitter / Twitter during an event / Post-Event Twitter where relationships are forged and business is done just as much as face 2 face

Relationships are forged quicker. People keep in touch after the event and the world of commerce turns

I grew up in the world of social media for business and no nothing of the world before – I can’t imagine spending 3 days of phonecalls happened post event to keep in touch with everyone

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