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Do you actively use your LinkedIn Company Page as well as your personal LinkedIn Profile?

Whilst company pages have always been the poorer cousin to the much more successful personal profiles for small businesses they still hold value

* In % terms they still drive a sizeable amount of traffic
* You can show a different side to your company
* You can show company wide news and culture as well as personal opinions
* You can reach out to a new audience who might not be connected personally

What happens at the start of each month however is that Linked Company Pages give you 100 credits to invite 100 new people to your company page. Inevitably over week 1 of the month you receive a large number of invites to company pages

I generally only accept 10-20% of LinkedIn Company Page invites. I thought it might be useful to explain why I often don’t accept so you can change your strategy on both LinkedIn company page invites and the content you post on your company page


REASON 1: You’ve never spoken before inviting me

There’s a order to do things

If you want someone’s attention for your business, LinkedIn company page, event then you talk to them 1st

Don’t assume because someone is connected to you that they want to follow your company page

The very 1st interaction after connecting with someone on LinkedIn shouldn’t be a sell

And don’t make the mistake that an invite to a company page isn’t a sell

It’s 100% a sell. It’s transactional. You get more out of it than they do

Be engagement and relationship driven on LinkedIn rather than focusing on number of connections (and number of company page followers)

REASON 2: It’s just links back to your website
I get it. You blog every week because you’ve been advised by someone like me that you should be blogging on a regular basis

But if all your company page is a series of links to news stories and blogs and nothing else then there’s no reason to follow your company page

Social Media needs to feature something that isn’t available on your website

It’s needs to be content that is authentic and real and designed purely for social media

If you look at our LinkedIn company page for Altrincham HQ you’ll see that links account for about 20% of what we do over there

The rest is a diary of news, tips and advice – there’s a reason to follow our page even if you read our blogs and are subscribed to our newsletter

REASON 3: It’s just curated links to newspapers
I get it

You don’t have time for social media so you outsourced it and it’s either gone one of 2 ways

1. You’ve outsourced it to a VA who has set up google alerts for keywords in your sector and just posts those links


2. A social media company has asked you repeatedly for content (photos / videos / news) as agreed at the start of the contract and they’ve had to fall back to curated news as a back up when you didn’t provide it

If you’re outsourcing social media, outsource it to a marketing professional … and remember the reason you hired them was for their expertise. So if they talk you through a plan, and it’s agreed, stick to it so you stay on track and achieve your social media goals

REASON 4: I’m not your target market
Think about who you’re inviting to your company page

I’m lucky that my services can serve anyone from a micro business working from their kitchen table through to large corporates

And whilst there are a number of businesses that fit into the “can serve anyone” category, make sure who you’re inviting is relevant

If I do exactly what you do – I’m probably not your target customer

If you have a very niche audience and it isn’t me – why invite me

Invite your ideal client avatar to your company page as you only get 100 invites per month so make it count

REASON 5: You rarely update your Company Page
If you’re going to invite people to like your company page then at least put some content on it

It sounds simple, doesn’t it?

But each month I get invited to company pages who have posted less than once in the past 3 months and it’s kind of pointless

The other point, which is interlinked to this, is people who post exactly the same content on their company pages as they do on a personal profile. Give people something different / extra to consumer rather than repetition


You can check out our company page here

1. Give us a follow
2. See if the content speaks to you

I’d love to hear about small business pages really working on LinkedIn

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

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