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Last month we looked at 5 Signs You’re Ready To Outsource Your Social Media Marketing and how you can use outsourcing as an effective way to grow your business

This month I wanted to touch on 5 Benefits Outsourcing Your Social Media Will Give You

And here they are …

Less Stress

Social Media is stressful … there I said it – and that’s from somebody who works in Social Media and spends 24/7 on Social Media

Many small businesses outsource their social media to Altrincham HQ as they simply can’t cope with always being present on Social Media

This is what is called F.O.M.O – the fear of missing out.

On a personal level, this is what happens when you plan to have a look at facebook for 5 minutes and find yourself still there 2 hours later not fully realising why. On a business level there is the stress of What if a competitor is marketing better than ourselves on Social Media? What if I don’t respond in time? What if I don’t post enough?

All of this brings a huge amount of stress to a small business owner, especially a business that has been trading for decades and was used to Traditional Advertising, where it was a lot less time intensive

When you outsource your Social Media – the stress just washes away

More Time

What could you do with an extra 4 hours a week? Think about that for 2 minutes and if nothing springs to mind – look at your to do list and see what you didn’t have time for this week!

Social Media is time well spent, but it does take at least 30 minutes a day to really get the most out of it.

For somebody whom it doesn’t come intuitively to, you could easily double that time to an hour a day, which means outsourcing your social media could give you as much as 7 hours a week back

That’s 364 hours a year back to help grow other areas of your business, meet clients face 2 face and plan for the long term growth of your business

There is the cliché of spending time working on your business rather than in it – and it’s a cliché because it’s true!

Better Results

As well as Less Stress and More Time – the key reason for outsourcing your Social Media is because a professional Social Media Marketing company will deliver better results and deliver a return on investment

When you set up your business you did so because you were a specialist in your field and little did you know you’d have to be an accountancy, HR and marketing specialist as well

There are a lot of businesses out there who claim to offer Social Media Management services from PR companies to web designers so consider

– Should I Use Social Media Services From A Non Social Media Company – read the full blog here

– How to choose your Social Media Manager or Trainer – read the full blog here

Stronger Network

Businesses grossly underestimate how important the local business support network is

When you outsource any area of your business you have that extended reach out to a new network of contacts that may become suppliers, partners or customers

This can be both the online network that can amplify your message or it can be the network of face 2 face contacts that B2B businesses meet at networking meetings

Over the year I probably meet on average 50-60 different businesses a month at Business Networking Meetings

Just think about the huge value that that gives your business – imagine how many potential leads you can get by working with a local accountant, IT company, solicitor and marketing company

Businesses in it for the long term understand the value of relationships and helping others

Eyes and Ears

In all our years of running Altrincham HQ, I don’t think there’s been a client who hasn’t asked us for advice on something non-social media related

Having someone looking on from the outside of the business can be a valuable asset and help add that perspective from a different angle

A social media company should be your biggest fan, but with fandom there is the attention to detail which means they can often spot areas of weakness / growth than being heads down in the business you may not notice

So would you like
Less Stress
More Time
Better Results From Social Media
A Stronger Network
A Fresh Set of Eyes and Ears

Ring Alex on 07806774279 or email to chat about Outsourcing your Social Media Marketing

It’s less expensive than you think

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