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If I told you that I work with clients where one gets 6 Out Of 10 Customers Via Twitter, one gets 30% of their business from Social Media and one gets around 80 new customers a month via Social Media combined with Tripadvisor you’d probably bite my arm off and ask me how I did it.

The reality is I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to Social Media Campaigns that I want more. I want 7 or 8 out of 10 customers, 50% of their business, 100+ new customers a month

Whether you’re a business WINNING BIG on Social Media or a business NOT WINNING AT ALL on Social Media there are usually a number of factors you can change and these are the reasons I feel many Social Media Campaigns are not reaching their full potential

Social Media For Photographers
Lack Of Focus On Content Creation

I hate the phrase “Content Is King” as it’s usually the mantra of those who started blogging 2 months ago, when I started blogging in 1999. But you can’t escape the reality of “Content Is King” and the phrase Education Education Education is being replaced by Content Content Content

So content, whether it be Photos, Graphics, Videos or Blogs – a number of these things should be at the front of your mind when starting a Social Media Campaign.

Who is going to be responsible for them? Are you doing it yourself or will you outsource it? Can Staff be involved in content creation (after all everybody has a smart phone, so how hard is it if you split the content workload on something like photos)? How often will you do this?

Set the criteria from the start and if you’re outsourcing the actionable day 2 day social media strategy / management of the campaign – stick to the agreed content plans and deliver!

Eat Fresh Cafe - Twitter Poster
(Note: How good Social Media Posters should be done – poster by Altrincham Design Studio)

Lack Of Physical Promotion Of Your Social Media Profiles
A big bugbear of mine – some businesses think their customers are telepathic.

Either that or they don’t link what happens on Social Media / the website to what physically happens offline

How many times have you walked into a business and not known they are using social media? Or if you do know – do not know the spelling of the twitter handle / facebook page?

Go through this process ….

You Have A Great Business >> Customers Come In >> Let Them Know Your Social Profile Addresses with well-designed posters (not Word Documents) >> Customers Talk About You Online >> More Customers Come In >> Repeat!!!

Simple – now here’s a number of a local Designer to design those posters – Altrincham Design Studio – 07825417406 (Ask for Mark)

Altrincham HQ - Visitor Pie Chart - Google Analytics

Lack Of Measurement
Google Analytics and Facebook Insights are the 2 biggies to start with at an entry level – but there are measurement tools for virtually everything you do on Social Media

Hey – there’s even that quaint old fashioned thing of asking people how they found you!! That’s how the business above who gets 80 new customers a month tracks things for their business.

Measure Measure and then Measure some more and do it at least on a weekly basis so you can adapt and change what you do to make the maximum impact

Often what happens with businesses new to Social Media is they will give it a few months and not measure what they’re doing until the point months later when they say it’s not working. If they’d have measured in week 1, 2, 4 and so on they’d have been able to put changes in place and look in-depth at what is going right or wrong

Lack Of Staff Insight Into Social Media
I can’t emphasise this point enough – your staff may not be running the social media accounts, but anything they do in your business can end up online!!

Every single person in the organisation needs to understand that more than ever customer service is in the spotlight and that customers have a tremendous amount of power to make or break your business with a few tweets or online reviews.

I work with a lot of restaurants and 90% of the time when we get a customer response whether positive or negative staff are always mentioned. On the times I see local restaurant get negative reviews on Tripadvisor more often or not it’s a complaint on the level of service than the actual standard of food.

Social Media is a great tool to get new customers into your business – but the goodwill is lost the moment they receive poor customer service on their 1st visit



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