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Reasons you don’t need Social Media Training

That’s right

I’m going to tell you exactly why you don’t need social media training

1. You would give yourself 10/10 for Social Media Marketing

You are the don, the god, the ultimate social media marketer and you’d rate yourself 10/10 for the results your get from Social Media

In fact it’s not just yourself rating your work 10/10 – every single person you know rates you 10/10 as well. You’re the go to person for all Social Media advice

100% reason not to attend Social Media Training

If you attended a session you’d literally know more than the trainer themselves as you have inside knowledge from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn that means the latest update announced 2 days ago you knew about 6 months ago and have already developed a strategy around the latest changes to make your business future proof

2. Every single sale comes through Social Media

Networking – what is that again?

Business cards – haven’t had one in years

Website – don’t need one of those

Literally every single sale you have comes through Social Media and therefore the suggestion you need social media training is absolutely ridiculous to you

You spend your life connected to your phone replying to DM’s on every platform begging you to work with them and sell them stuff immediately

Because you’re so busy, your team has expanded 10x in the last 12 months to cope with demand and you’re blessed that this invention called social media has literally changed your life

3. You work on long term contracts for 10-15 years and are the only business of your type in the country

Your business isn’t based on short term quick purchases which means you don’t need a lot of repeat customers

You literally have a handful of customers and you are the only business of your type in the country

The nature of your business means that these contracts literally last for 10-15 years and are often confidential government contracts

You have no one in the business that wishes to build a personal brand up and be known in the world

To spend time on social media would only be for vanity reasons and there is not much you could post due to the confidential nature of the business

4. You are due to retire / wind up the business in 3 months and will not use social media in any capacity after retirement

You’re 59 years old, you have no kids to pass the business onto and you’re due to retire and wind up your small business in the next 3 months

Social Media has had no part in your life for 59 years and you have no plans to spend your life on social media

As you have no kids and the rest of your family don’t use social media, you have no need to use social media on a personal level to keep in touch with these people as you pick up the phone on a regular basis to have a real conversation

When you retire, you want to put your feet up and play golf all day long. You have no desire to get involved in committees, voluntary groups and organisations where social media might be valuable to them so therefore what exactly is the point of social media

So if any of the above sound like you – save your money – you don’t need social media training

If you don’t fit into the above categories – then get in touch

Chat to us about why you 100% need Social Media for your business and your life

Chat to us about Social Media Marketing for YOUR organisation , so we can better understand YOU and what will grow your organisation

We can only find out what is unique to your business by chatting with you

Look at our Social Media Training and Social Media Management services


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