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3 Types Of Social Media User
They say in networking meetings that you shouldn’t say you can work with anybody. 

Be Specific is the constant mantra.

If I look at my new client list in 2014 it’s a varied bunch encompassing an Adventure Farm, Cleaning Company, Employment Solicitor, Web Designer, Flooring Company, Health Company, Personal Trainer, E-Tailer

Whilst it could appear I could work with anybody, they all fall broadly into one of the categories below

Are you one of the 3 Different Types Of Social Media Users?


The Start-Up Perfectionist is a blank canvas who wants to make the right 1st impression when they launch their business / start using Social Media.

They realise the importance of Social Media, have looked at what other businesses are doing right and wrong and want to consult a professional as they value their business too much to make the wrong impression by dabbling with Social Media themselves

The perfectionist would rather get it right from the start than waste 6 months dabbling

Platform Master
The One Platform master has normally spent a long time in business and has won a sizeable amount of business via Social Media by mastering one platform

More often or not the platform of choice will be facebook for B2C and LinkedIn for B2B. Yet they don’t use Twitter regularly, blog or use image based platforms such as Instagram

What the one platform master can’t do is use the other platforms effectively and feels investing in training to maximise results on a new platform would be beneficial to their business

The Collector
The collector from the outside is doing many things right to the untrained eye

They often will have a sizeable following on Social Media with numbers often in the thousands, they engage with their audience on a daily basis and will often be very active in Twitter Hours and Twitter Ladders

The Collector has one gaping hole in their arsenal – despite spending 1 hour+ per that they’ve never got any sales via social media and this is often down to a lack of Social Media Strategy or a Consistent Strong Message

By changing 10,15,20 small things on each platform The Collector can often really drill deep into Social media and convert followers into actual customers


  • Are you a Start-Up Perfectionist? One Platform Master? A Collector?
  • Are there any other categories you feel we should add?
  • Could some training change the way you use Social Media?

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