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Our 20 Questions series have always been popular

They help people to reframe their life at a quick 60 second glance

Previously we’ve looked at the following

* 20 Questions You Should Ask About Your Life At The End Of Each Month
* 20 Questions About Your Business You Should Ask At The End Of Each Month
* 20 Questions You Should Ask About Your Website
* 20 Questions Teenagers Should Ask Their Parents About Social Media & Careers

But today is a quick look at lockdown and questions that can help you with Communication, Business, Social Media, Fitness and Mental Health

I’ve included a few photos throughout the blog of my lockdown project of Self Portraits using my 10 second time on my phone to create interesting photos

I know one of these questions will help you – please let us know in the comments or reply on social media which one it is

1. Is there a friend I haven’t been in touch with, but I should?
2. Do my family need anything?
3. Have I spoken to someone today about something that isn’t to do with work?
4. Is there a way I’ve documented these strange times – diary / photos / videos
5. Is the way I’m communicating helping myself and / or others during difficult times?


6. Have I done anything to promote by business?
7. What could I read / consume that could help my business grow?
8. Are there any courses / workshops I could do whilst I have the time?
9. Who could I promote / help support from my networking group?
10. Have I asked for reviews / testimonials for the work I’ve done?


11. What I can post on Social Media today to make people smile in difficult times?
12. Have I spent 15-30 minutes today engaging on other peoples post to show them I care
13. Have I produced any original content today i.e a blog / image / video
14. Are people responding to what I’m posting?
15. Are new people connecting with me?


16. Have I done 10,000 steps or my daily exercise?
17. Am I generally eating / drink too much this week?
18. Have I taken some quiet time today just for myself?
19. How do I feel mentally on a scale of 0-10?
20. Do I need to switch off the news cycle / tech for a few hours?


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