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When I wrote 20 Questions You Should Ask About Your Business At The End Of Each Month … it felt natural to write this blog about life at the same time

As small business owners we’re so focused on work that we forget work / life balance and everything that improves our business we often forget in our personal life

Here are 20 Questions You Should Ask About Your Life At The End Of Each Month

I hope it makes you focus on YOU as much as your business

1. Am I Happy?

2. What has made you happiest this month?

3. What have been the low points this month and why?

4. Who are the 5 People You Have Spent Time With Most This Month?

5. Which friends / family members did you make time to see and which friends / family members should you make time to see?

6. Who do you see a lot of that has a negative impact on your life?

7. Did you take enough time off work for “Me” time?

8. Did you allow yourself enough time for sleep or are you always running on empty?

9. Did you allocate enough time for exercise / fitness or did you make excuses?

10. Do you look at what you eat and is it too restrictive / too indulgent?

11. Do you plan your social time out in advance to make the most of it?

12. How many different things have you done this month … or do you always do the same thing?

13. Do your friends have a wide variety of interests?

14. When was the last time you had alone time with no devices and no distractions?

15. How much time do you spend on personal development and education?

16. Does your work make you happy?

17. Do you look forward to Monday morning?

18. Do you spend more time listening to your inner voice or more time worrying what others will think?

19. Are you living in the present or thinking of yesterday?

20. What one thing will you do differently next month to make your life better?

Outsourcing often is the solution to a better work / life balance

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