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The Art Of Asking Questions

Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers

So often with Social Media it’s easy to post the positive affirmations such “New Month, New Start” without asking the essential questions

And the essential questions are often the most basic ones

Here are our 20 Questions About Your Business You Should Ask At The End of Each Month … feel free to add your own in the comment section

1. Have We Been Profitable? Or Have We Made A Loss?

2. Has this month been better than last month / 3 months?

3. Has this month been better than this month last year?

4. How many new leads have we got on the table?

5. What percentage of new leads did we convert?

6. Which leads did we not follow up on?

7. Are our existing customers happy?

8. Which of our existing customers have we not been in contact with?

9. What marketing activity have we done this month?

10. Which of our marketing channels / campaigns have driven the most business?

11. Which marketing channels / campaigns have we got the opportunity to improve on?

12. What have been our success stories this month?

13. What have we failed on this month and how can make sure this doesn’t happen again?

14. Who did we meet this month that could help our business grow?

15. Are our staff happy and have we given them opportunity for feedback? Which ideas from our staff can we implement?

16. Are our staff aware / been reminded of our goals for the business?

17. Have all outstanding invoices been paid?

18. What everyday functions can be streamlined / systemised?

19. Has everything we’ve done this month been in line with our goals and objectives?

20. Can we raise our targets next month?

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