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As I write this blog it’s coming up to September 1st – there are 122 days left until the end of the year

Here are 122 New Things You Could Do Before The End Of The Year

This isn’t meant to be a list where you tick everything off the list

Treat it like tapas – pick and choose a few options that you like the look of and work on them

Every single one of these 122 things will help you – it’s just a case of which to pick 1st

1. Go to a new networking event
2. Arrange coffee with 5 new people
3. Change Your Elevator Pitch
4. Offer to speak at your next event
5. Be the 1st person to ask a question after the guest speaker
6. Attend a networking event out of your patch
7. Suggest a topic to an event organiser that hasn’t been covered before
8. Encourage 1 new person to attend your networking group
9. Offer a prize for a business card draw at your networking event
10. Arrange Your Own Networking Event

Offline Marketing
1. Send a press release to the local newspaper
2. Contact the local radio station about an interview / guest spot
3. Knock on the door of a new business
4. Update your old business cards
5. Get a Pop Up Banner
6. Arrange a leaflet delivery drop
7. Ask if you can have a pop up at your local gym / coworking space / business park / bank
8. Big up your business neighbours – it helps every business in your location
9. Turn up to local community events and be a true local community minded business
10. Keep knocking on the doors of the town team and say “How can we be involved in ….. ”

Influencer Marketing
1. Write down a list of the 10 most influential people in your town
2. Write down a list of the 10 most influential people in your industry (locally)
3. Write down a list of bloggers / influencers who have covered similar businesses to yours
4. Write down a list of your top fans on social media – the ones that engage on every post
5. Build Relationships with those aforementioned influencers without selling on the 1st transaction
6. Search #journorequest hashtag for press opportunities
7. Invite hyper local influencers down to your business to try what you offer
8. DM those influencers you’ve messaged before with something new and different and be persistent
9. Start your own podcast / blog to interview others
10. Approach podcasters / bloggers about offering something of value to them

Business Development
1. Do a time audit of your average day to cut wastage
2. Track where every client has come from over the past 12 month (you’re doing this already right)
3. Turn your 121 service into a group workshop
4. Turn your group workshop into an online course
5. Turn your online course into premium 121
6. Launch 1 new product that you’ve said you would (and haven’t) this year
7. Collaborate with 1 local business and cross promote services
8. Create an email lead magnet and start a weekly / monthly newsletter
9. Email existing clients and ask them what they’re struggling with (and create new services off their answers)
10. Remind existing clients of the full range of services you offer (they probably don’t know the extent of what you do)

Social Media
1. Write down your social media plan – one A4 piece of paper, because we know you probably haven’t done this
2. Set up an employee advocacy scheme for your business
3. Introduce social media to the agenda for every weekly meeting

1. Create a private prospect list on Twitter
2. Post something personal about yourself once a day so people get to know you
3. Respond to 3 local tweets
4. Set up saved searches on Twitter / Tweetdeck / Hootsuite
5. Unfollow / mute / block anyone who makes you feel less about yourself
6. Respond to the 1st 5 people you see on Twitter (and see how random moments can lead to great things)
7. Trendjack to reach new audiences where relevant

1. Post a status update – because most people don’t and it stands out
2. Post a video on LinkedIn
3. Make a document post on LinkedIn
4. Write a LinkedIn Article
5. Ask for a LinkedIn recommendation from a happy client
6. Update Your LinkedIn Professional Headline
7. Respond to someone’s post in a LinkedIn group – because they won’t expect it
8. Change your feed posts from Top to Recent to see different people
9. Do a non salesly “Reintroducing myself to LinkedIn” style post to remind people what you do
10. Post an opinion you have the contradicts industry norms

1. Run a Facebook competition
2. Use the invite friends to like this page function
3. Do a Facebook Live video
4. Set up a Facebook group for your superfans
5. Do a meet the team post on your page
6. Like other pages as your page
7. Change your Facebook cover photo
8. Improve Your Facebook Response Rate
9. Share important posts to your personal profile
10. Look at your Facebook Insights to improve your Facebook Marketing

1. Post an instagram story – Part 1: Just post a story – it’s where attention
2. Post an instagram story – Part 2: Do an Instagram Live Video
3. Post an instagram story – Part 3: Run a poll
4. Post an instagram story – Part 4: Compile a Quiz
5. Post an instagram story – Part 5: Ask a question
6. Respond to the top 9 posts on your local town hashtag or niche hashtag
7. Use different hashtags in your next post
8. Vow to comment more than like posts
9. Take part in a 30 day instagram challenge
10. DM someone just to tell them how much you appreciate their posts

1. Double your output if you’re blogging less than once a week
2. Introduce interviews into your blogs – think who you could interview that helps both them and yourself
3. Redistribute a blog written this month last year
4. Write a blog based on a breaking news story in your industry
5. Ask a client to contribute a case study about your work
6. Turn your last negative business experience into a positive blog that helps others
7. Ask 10 people in your networking group if they want a guest blog for their website
8. Send your blog to the local newspaper and ask them if they’d like you to write a column
9. Ask those close to you what they’d like to read in one of your blogs
10. Steal this idea and do 122 New Things You Could Do Before The End Of The Year – but related to your industry

1. Remind yourself you are more than a job title or career
2. Read More & Watch Less TV
3. Believe In Yourself
4. Be Positive On Social Media
5. Write down everything you’ve achieved this year
6. Live your bucketlist every day
7. Ask your parents about their life and visit those places
8. Find your obsession outside work if you’ve not found it yet
9. Print out your best photos from social media
10. Get an hours more sleep each night

Fitness / Health
1. Quit drinking or at least half your alcohol intake by 50%
2. Once a week rip up what you do in the gym and try a new machine
3. Run 1k / Cycle 3k further than you normally do
4. Sign up for a race / event that challenges you
5. Ask a PT for a workout plan
6. Track your calories with My Fitness Pal
7. Get a workout buddy to keep you on track
8. Listen to podcasts whilst working out
9. Run to somewhere that means something to you
10. Use fitness to help charity

1. Make Time For Friends
2. Visit 1 new pub / bar / restaurant a month
3. Try something different from the menu
4. Walk to clear the mind and get away from built up towns
5. Leave your phone in your pocket / bag
6. Go to 1 gig or concert a month and see new music
7. Say hello to the people on the next table
8. Answer the question what have you done this week with something more exciting than “Same Old Same Old”
9. Talk about things that make you laugh rather than negativity in the news / workplace
10. Visit your parents on a regular basis

1. Remember this is your life – make your own list
2. Ignore or take on advice – based on does it make your life better

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